Details on policeman shooting attack disclosed 

Details on policeman shooting attack disclosed
Nikolai Skachkov Photo: Social media

According to local media, the policeman was attacked by men from the Caucasus.

The details of the attack on Senior Sergeant Nikolai Skachkov have been reported. According to REN TV, three strangers approached Skachkov, who was on duty, and asked to have a talk elsewhere.

Skachkov and the men went behind the fence. After a short conversation, the cutthroats took away the service weapon from the officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Tula Region. After that, they shot Skachkov in the chest and leg. Then, the attackers threw away the weapon and vanished. Skachkov, wounded, shot in the air and called for help. A man approached him and called an ambulance.

Amber alert was announced in the Tula Region. Initially, it was reported that the attackers had fled in a silver-colored Mitsubishi Lancer. However, later it surfaced that the car was located and it was, in fact, a VAZ 2112. According to local media, the attackers looked like persons from the Caucasus.


Nikolai Skachkov was hospitalized and underwent an operation. According to information available, he is a critical condition.



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