Details of terrible murder of 20-year-old Dima Rudakov 

Details of terrible murder of 20-year-old Dima Rudakov
Dmitry's murder was filmed by a 13-year-old girl who incited her friends not to stop Photo: The CrimeRussia

Adolescents in the Urals killed a man, and a 13-year-old girl shot what was happening on the camera. The victim was not much older than his underage killers: he was only 20. The fact of the incident became known on the next day, but the police reacted to the incident and detained the young killers only after 10 days, and only thanks to public pressure. The CrimeRussia learned about the progress of the investigation of the case and the details of the wild crime.

“Adam's apple went down to the shoulder”: What happened, the details of the murder

On August 9, four boys aged 14-16 and a 13-year-old girl met their acquaintance Dmitri Rudakov, a 20-year-old welder (many media call him disabled, but there is no reliable information that the guy had a disability) in the town of Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk region. The teenagers suggested Rudakov to walk with them towards the garages to drink beer. Because of speech defects, the guy did not have close friends, so he easily agreed.


Dmitry Rudakov, severely murdered by teenagers. Photo: VKontakte

Behind the garages, juvenile criminals forced Rudakov to take off his cross, undress and put his things in a bag, then they knocked him to the ground, pissed on him and started kicking him. The 13-year-old girl did not participate in the beating, however, she shot the video of what was happening on her mobile phone and encouraged the guys not to stop. One of the underage killers, 16-year-old B., had a massive physique. B. Began to jump on the head of Dmitry Rudakov until Adam's apple's went to the very shoulder. Rudakov died of a traumatic brain injury. The public learned all these details the next day from the VKontakte public page Bad News [the authors of the public page did not refer to any official sources in their post. – Note. The CrimeRussia]. At the same time, the mutilated body of the deceased was found.

The crime scene

For the acquaintances who came to the funeral, it was obvious that before the guy died he was cruelly tortured. “I experienced a real shock, his face was so badly mutilated. If they did not tell me that it was Dima, I would not have recognized him. Even his hands were completely damaged and broken, I have such a feeling that he did not resist,” the acquaintance of the deceased, Elena Ivanova, told RIA Novosti.

Dmitry's former teacher, who also attended the funeral, said that she could not recognize Rudakov – the face of the guy became like a sewn white mask with bruises on his lips and eyelids and a purple ear.

At the moment, most of the young killers have deleted their personal pages in social networks, but the page of 13-year-old P. Who shot atrocities has not been deleted. If one believes the public page Bad News in VKontakte, the girl called herself ‘Rainbow Princess.’ According to the Internet news portal, P. posted a video of Rudakov's murder on the Internet, but then deleted it. However, many people still had time to watch it. They said that the video shows that the man's eyes dropped because of the jumps on his head from the eye sockets, and the ‘Rainbow Princess’ laughed and burned them with a cigarette (official confirmation of this information is not available, the examination diagnosed that the cause of death was a brain injury).

“He never ran into trouble”: What is known about the victim

The dead Dmitry Rudakov lived with his mother, studied well at school, then got a profession as a welder. The locals knew him as a quiet and harmless guy: “Peaceful, calm… He never ran into trouble,” Aleksandr Berdnikov, a resident of the city of Berezovsky, told Rossiya 24.

Dmitry Rudakov

Dmitry Rudakov. Photo: Vkontakte

There is no common opinion in the media about what caused the conflict. According to some information, Dmitry took a pill in front of teenagers, and they started thinking him to be a drug addict, deciding that this was a sufficient reason for the murder. The fact that teenagers considered Rudakov a drug addict is confirmed with the letter of the murderer P., who shot everything on a camera, to a friend, where the 13-year-old admits: “We killed a man yesterday. Kicked a drug addict to the death.” And before that, she threatened her friend: “One word… even… you… [see the screenshot of correspondence below] with the crowd.”


Despite the warning, the girlfriend still sent the message to her friend, and after published screenshots of correspondence on her page. Then her page was deleted.

Video: Teenagers who killed a disabled teenager being caught

Teenagers who first discovered the body of Dima Rudakov

“A normal guy too”: More about young killers

According to, all five of the teenagers (including the girl-videographer) who are guilty of the crime are characterized as satisfactorily at the place of their education. Two guys and a 13-year-old girl at the same time were on the internal school register and in the territorial bodies of the prevention system.

A friend of 13-year-old P. told that about a year ago the girl changed dramatically and started stealing, smoking, drinking.

About B., the leader of the gang, people say that he is “a normal guy too,” that he had minor convictions: “Well, it's not serious, he stole chocolates in the store. Or was he caught when he stole a computer mouse in the DNS? Well, in general, he got caught in small things,” recalls an acquaintance of the criminals.

Meanwhile, other teenage buddies believe that the murder was not accidental: thus, the gang leader ‘won back’ his psychological trauma. An acquaintance of one of the participants in the crime Nikita Boyarsky said: “He was beaten about two months ago, he pulled through. And so, to throw out those emotions that he had before, this anger, he spilled them out.”

Teacher of teenagers Tatyana Shishkina described them as children from “not very well-off families.” The woman told that the elder teenager was brought up without a father and was constantly a party to conflict situations and fights. According to Shishkina, another teenager did not have decent behavior either, and he also had problems, although the family was complete.

Teacher of teenagers

Teacher of teenagers Tatyana Shishkina. Photo: Yaromir Romanov,

How the police and local residents reacted

The police went to the perpetrators of the crime in the hot pursuit the very next day but gave them only a written undertaking not to leave the place. Regarding juvenile murderers, a case was opened under Intentional infliction of a grave injury, and not under Murder, as the indignant and frightened public expected. 13-year-old P. cannot yet be brought to criminal liability due to her age – the girl could only act as a witness.

However, this outcome did not suit the local residents – the actions of law enforcement agencies were interpreted as suppression and hushing up the case. To get justice from the authorities, the residents of Berezovsky immediately responded to it with a petition on the website (at the moment, the petition was signed by more than 140 thousand people). Moreover – on August 20, several dozen residents of Berezovsky went to a spontaneous protest, and also began collecting signatures in the network in support of the new rally. “I will fight so that they are put in jail, so that others, same 13-year-old teenagers understand that they cannot act with impunity,” local resident Yulia Kostikova shared her position.


Protest action in Berezovsky. Photo:

Only after a series of such actions, supported by numerous publications and media pressure, law enforcement officers detained suspects in the murder of Dmitry Rudakov. The oldest teenager – a 16-year-old, previously convicted – has been in custody since August 18, the remaining adolescents were detained two days later, on August 20. On August 22 and 23, all the remaining suspects were taken into custody, except 14-year-old Ivan, whom the court sent under house arrest.

13-year-old P., who filmed everything that happened on the camera, meanwhile is under a written undertaking not to leave, but later the court may limit her freedom – place in the center of temporary isolation of juvenile offenders.

One of the accused teenagers

One of the accused teenagers. Photo:

Aleksandr Shulga, Senior Assistant to the Head of the Department for Interaction with the Media of the Russian Federation's Supreme Court for the Sverdlovsk region, said that during the investigation of the criminal case, the reasons and conditions that contributed to the commission of the crime would be established without fail. Also now they are trying to establish how effectively and timely the preventive measures were taken by the relevant authorities (if they were taken at all).

It is possible that during the investigation the criminal case will be re-qualified for an article on the murder. This means that teenagers in this case will face a more serious penalty. Recall that meanwhile, teenagers are charged under part 4 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code (Intentional infliction of a grave injury, which has involved the death of the victim by negligence).



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