Details of shooting between police and children in Kursk revealed

Details of shooting between police and children in Kursk revealed
The yard where the shooting took place Photo: Kurskie Izvestia

The policeman was angry that the teenagers, playing football in the yard, hit his car.

The shooting, which arranged a police officer near house number 3 on Lamonovskaya Street in Kursk, is being checked.

As the ICR press service in the region reports, the law enforcement officer fired from a traumatic pistol several times into the air after the children’s ball found the way to his car.

The mother of one of the children, 11-year-old Alexey, told Kurskie Izvestia the details of the incident. According to her, the son called her and told her that the ball had accidentally reached the white Chevrolet Cruze car parked in the yard.

After that, a man came out and called the children. According to the boy, the policeman put a gun to his stomach and said: “This is the last warning. If you touch the car again, I will shoot you and then kill you!” and fired into the air. After that, the parents of other children ran out of the houses and called the police.

The employee returned to his home. Then he was taken to the police station.

“I found that his psyche is disturbed; he did not sleep at night. We communicate with the investigator, and he is trembling. We will turn to a psychologist,” says the mother, noting that the boys did not cause any damage to the police car.

The woman believes that the police officer should not serve in the bodies. She wrote a statement and hopes that he will answer in law.



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