Details of mass fights of special forces and detectives in Elista disclosed

Details of mass fights of special forces and detectives in Elista disclosed

Local crime boss Tyulya organized the shootout.

Police officers and employees of the criminal investigation department accused of involvement in the mass fights in Elista set up a huddle with the help of the crime boss.

Earlier in Elista, as a result of an inspection of the internal affairs service, the MIA fired four policemen for a fight with employees of the Investigative Committee and the National Guard at the Uralan entertainment center, which occurred at the birthday of one of the security forces employees. According to the employees of the establishment, between the drunk fighters of the Grom Anatoly Khamdokhov and Basang Goryaev on the one hand and the employees of the criminal investigation department, Sanal Baldzhirov and Ochir Goryaev on the other side, a verbal skirmish ensued, which turned into a mass brawl.

A court in Elista refused to reinstate police officers, Kommersant reports. Basang Goryaev as the “most violent citizen” involved in the conflict was indicated by the district commissioner. From the testimony of another witness, it followed that Basang Goryaev "struck a fat man." It hit the surveillance camera of the entertainment complex. Major Khamdokhov also fell into its lens, slapping Ochir Goryaev, as well as "pushing and grabbing him by the clothes."

Also, from the testimonies of witnesses and eyewitnesses of the events, it turned out that the conflict in Uralan could be stopped only thanks to the 33-year-old local crime boss Arslang Tyulyumdzhiev (Tyulya). He was allegedly called to the scene of the fight by Colonel Baldzhirov, who told Tyulya that "physical force was used against him by all those present." An authoritative businessman invited the parties to sort things out the next day, arranging a huddle for each other.

About 10 foreign cars arrived at the parking lot of the BlackBerry restaurant on the outskirts of Elista in the morning. There were about 40 law enforcement officers armed with fits and traumatic pistols at the huddle. 

For a couple of hours, the conversation went on in the cafe. After that, the police jumped out into the street, where they began to beat each other. As follows from the case file, "Sanal Baldzhirov and Arslang Tyulyumdzhiev, with the aim of murder from personal hostile relations, together with unidentified persons, inflicted multiple blows on the area of   vital organs to Basang Goryaev and Anatoly Khamdokhov using heavy metal objects."

As a result of the shootout, several people under false names turned to doctors for help.

As a result, the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee in the Republic of Kalmykia opened a criminal case under part 3 of article 30 of the Criminal Code and part 2 of article 105 of the Criminal Code (attempted murder). On April 3, at the request of the ICR, Lieutenant Colonel Baldzhirov was taken into custody, but he did not stay in jail for long, since the judicial board for criminal cases of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kalmykia recognized the decision of the city court on the arrest as unlawful and unreasonable.

“Leaving the first instance court without checking and assessing the validity of a suspicion of a person’s involvement in the crime is a significant violation of the criminal procedure law,” the decision of the higher instance says.

His alleged accomplice Tyulya by that time was already under investigation for extortion (part 2 of article 163 of the Criminal Code). On April 4, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kalmykia put him on the federal wanted list in the case of attempted murder of two or more persons. When Tyulyumdzhiev was detained, he was placed under house arrest by the court.

The MIA and the ICR of Kalmykia did not comment on the situation.



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