Details of four Chechen soldiers murders appeared

Details of four Chechen soldiers murders appeared
Murdered Marat Gadzhiev Photo: RBC

At the time of the crime, Marat Gadzhiev was drunk.⁠

Details of the incident in the division of Rosgvardiya in Chechnya became known. In the Chechen village of Shelkovskaya commander of the second platoon of the engineer-sapper company Marat Gadzhiev shot four of his colleagues. RBC found new details.

On October 23, 2017 at 4:40pm Marat Gadzhiev went to the weapons storage room. At that time, Captain Ilya Banykin, the commander of the engineer-sapper company, and Arsen Baygaziev, the sergeant-in-chief on duty, were in the room.

"Gadzhiev put on assault vest and his machine gun and opened fire," the source of RBC says.

Banykin died on the spot from the injuries received, Baygaziev was taken to the intensive care unit, but he died in the hospital.

After the murder, Gadzhiev left the weapons storage room. On the way, he met Senior Sergeant Ilyas Garachiev. Gadzhiev fired several shots at him. He was hospitalized, but also died in the hospital.

After this, Gadzhiev went to the parade ground - there was a posting going on. He opened fire, killing driver Sergeant Khairutdin Agamagomedov. The duty officer in part gave the "Break out the rifles!" order. Gadzhiev was wounded. When they approached him to make sure [he was dead or not], he was still alive and was trying to shoot. Then he was killed," the source of RBC continued his story.

Presumably the tragedy happened because of the fact that Marat Gadzhiev was strongly dissatisfied with his dismissal from Rosgvardiya. The murderer wanted to clear the air with the officer who had filed an appropriate notice. According to Kommersant, Gadzhiev drank a lot before meeting with his abuser.



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