Details of brutal murder of female Novosibirsk pilot made public

Details of brutal murder of female Novosibirsk pilot made public
Killed Tatyana Mamina

A suspect in the murder of Tatyana Mamina already has previously been convicted of a similar crime.

The Investigative Committee shared the details of the investigation into a brutal murder of the office head of the airshow in Mochishche, Novosibirsk, Tatyana Mamina.

As established by investigators, the 46-year-old woman left on March 2 by her Honda Stream car to the village of Lokti, Moshkovsky district. There she wanted to spend a few days in the company of her 35-year-old friend. The couple drank alcohol and quarreled. The man, not holding back emotions, repeatedly hit Tatyana with a wooden stick on the head. The woman died from the injuries received, the ICR for the Novosibirsk region concluded.

To conceal the crime, the man burned the corpse, and returned the victim's car to Novosibirsk. The car was found in the parking lot on Sukharnaya street.

All search and rescue teams of Novosibirsk were focused on search for the woman. March 16 it emerged that the woman died, and the alleged killer was detained.

For now, it has been established that the suspect in the murder of Mamina already has a criminal record for a similar crime. He is detained and was taken to an investigator with the ICR.

In Novosibirsk, Mamina was widely known as a pilot and one of the organizers of the annual airshow in Mochishche, she headed the office of the event.



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