Deputy Reznik’s hobbies: shooting boars and shaking money tree

Deputy Reznik’s hobbies: shooting boars and shaking money tree
Vladislav Reznik

Russiangate figured out how the Deputy Vladislav Reznik’s passion for hunting became his business.

Russian deputies are human beings, and there is nothing human to which they are strangers. Including the desire to shoot animals. Apparently, one of the domestic lawmakers, a Edinaya Rossiya member Vladislav Reznik, is an avid hunter. For his convenience, he has a private hunting ground, registered in the name of his son Aleksandr. According to Russiangate, at the disposal of Reznik Jr.’ Krinitsy LLC there are vast areas in the two districts of Smolensk region, Temkinsky and Vyazemsky. Another hunting farm related to Aleksandr Reznik, Volkov-ples Hunting Farm LLC, is operating in the latter district. It is owned by the aforementioned Krinitsy LLC by 48%, while 4% share belongs to the Deputy of the Smolensk Regional Duma from the Communist Party Aleksey Pavlov. His son Pavel, in his turn, is also a co-founder in another hunting economy, Vepr Hunting Farm LLC. Through this company, Pavlov is linked to a certain Valentina Tikhonkova, the founder of Smolensk hunting farm Medvezhiy Ugol. Presumably, all these companies are controlled by the Reznik family, as they all operate on the lands owned by his family and affiliated entities. 

Deputy Reznik himself has long been a member of the first Russian Club of Mountain Hunters. There are several interviews with him on the club’s website, in which Vladislav tells not only about his valuable trophies from Africa, Iran, and Tien-Shan, but also about his hunting practices in Russia. In particular, according to him, he has built a real “sniper's paradise” in the acreages of the Smolensk region. There is a box equipped with tables for shooting from the lying and sitting position. Sliding shutters open a target field with distance of 750 meters. Reznik trains a lot, making 30-50 shots before hunting.

In the recent years, Reznik family has acquired new lands near the rivers of the Smolensk region. They all belong to the Deputy’s wife Diana Gindin and his son Aleksandr Reznik. According to the declaration for 2014, Gindin owns 11 plots with a total area of over 350 hectares. Interestingly enough, there is no information about them in the 2015 declaration.

Самый большой из принадлежащих Диане Гиндин участков площадью 88,7 гектаров

The largest plot of land with an area of 88.7 hectares belonging to Diana Gindin

The Rezniks had chosen the Smolensk region for a reason; two years ago, the State Duma Deputy registered in the local village of Temkino. This must have tempted him to become a large landowner. By the way, these areas are rich in wild boars, elks, roe deers, red deers, and sika deers. There are also bears, lynx, American and European mink, muskrat and other animals. Thus, in addition to his direct work in the State Duma, the deputy will be able to earn good money off his hobby. Price for hunting in the special hunting grounds is from 500 rubles for each killed duck and up to 205 thousand rubles for a red deer (in the Tver region; it is even cheaper in the Smolensk region – 70 thousand rubles). From the traditional Russian animals, hunt fanciers are also invited to shoot a bear for 50-100 thousand rubles, a lynx – 25-40 thousand rubles, a wolf – 30 thousand rubles. Shooting hoofed mammals is more expensive; killing an elk will cost from 40 to 100 thousand rubles, a wild boar – 35-60 thousand rubles. According to experts, a plot of 90 thousand square meters can generate a monthly income of 15-17 thousand dollars.

Участок площадью 44,1 гектаров, принадлежащий ООО «Криницы»

A land plot with an area of 44.1 ha owned by Krinitsy LLC

Every hunting economy decides humanism issues on its own. While in the majority of them, hunters face fines for murdering a pregnant elk (or an elk cow with elk calves aged up to one year) and wild sows, the Krechet LLC (Smolensk region) offers this as an extra service for 150 thousand and 120 thousand rubles, respectively. To suit the most eccentric of tastes, so to speak.



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