Deputy of Ivanovo Region Duma cusses out subscriber in social network

Deputy of Ivanovo Region Duma cusses out subscriber in social network

After a scandal outbroke, the parliamentarian deleted her profile.

Communist Party member and deputy of the Ivanovo Region Duma Yulia Timofeyeva cussed out her former party member Alexey Ogurtsov on a social network. The latter, along with other subscribers, accused the communist of PR because of criticism of governor Stanislav Voskresensky, the Baza project reports. The regional Duma’s chairwoman Marina Dmitrieva called this behavior unacceptable and asked the leadership of the Communist Party “to assess Timofeyeva's behavior” and report on the result of the work, Znak reports. 

“Hey, you, *** (obscene term for homosexual), if you haven’t shat your pants, sorry, the skirt, I propose to meet and personally discuss the above. If you are not a coward, of course, although, probably, you are, at least a rare hysteric!,” Timofeyeva wrote.

Then the deputy added to her opponent’s lot was “to hammer into pants, sorry, the skirt” and “to pull off the hair that has already been pulled out of own helplessness, uselessness and inferiority.” Then Timofeeva came to her senses, apologized to the subscribers and justified harsh words with emotions.

The dispute broke out under the post with a photo of an abandoned grave of a Great Patriotic War veteran, under which Timofeyeva made several critical regarding the head of the region. After the deputy’s manner of communication raised a wave of indignation on the Internet, Timofeyeva’s page was deleted.

Timofeyeva got in the Regional Duma in 2018. There she supervises the issues of housing and public utilities, industry and agriculture. From 2016 she is an assistant to the State Duma deputy from the Communist Party, Alexey Ponomarev.



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