Deputy Minister of Defense of Russian Federation celebrated his wife birthday in Imperial yacht-club

Deputy Minister of Defense of Russian Federation celebrated his wife birthday in Imperial yacht-club
Photo: Social networks

Butusov, Kutsenko and Meladze sang on the 45 anniversary of the spouse of Timur Ivanov – a lady of fashion Svetlana Zakharova.

Magnificent life of the spouse of the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation on social problems 41-year-old Timur Ivanov has given no peace to the Metropolitan socialite for long time already. According to her account in Instargram, owner of Metropol Fashion Group Svetlana Zakharova has a holiday every day - regular holiday in Courchevel, exotic safaris in Africa, trips to St-Tropez for opening of fashion boutiques and a standard routine for a woman of fashion like dinners and visits to fashion shows. Recent birthday of Svetlana has not become exception. In the past weekend it was luxuriously celebrated in Imperial yacht-club of Moscow among elite and stars of show business.

The banquet began with yacht trip. On its board the birthday girl in arms of the beloved husband posed for photographers. Zakharova was surrounded by close friends - jeweler Pyotr Aksyonov, еру owner of Zolotaya Balka brand Snezhana Georgieva, spouse of famous developer Valery Mikhaylets, the woman of fashion Irina Chaykovskaya, owner of fitness studios Anna Makarova and many other celebrities close to family of the official. Every woman of fashion can be jealous of the Zakharova’s circle of connections – at some time Zakharova was considered as the main fashion-lady of the capital. Svetlana, who was densely engaged in promotion of expensive boutiques, in due time brought the Yohji Yamamoto and Dsquared2 brands to Moscow. Many oligarchs hunters choke with stories about Zakharova’s personal collections haute couture and collections of the most expensive diamonds.

Тимур Иванов и Светлана Захарова на празднике в "Императорском яхт-клубе". Фото: Социальные сети

Photo: Timur Ivanov and Svetlana Zakharova during the party in Imperial yacht-club. Photo: Social networks

The most expansive events’ organizer in Moscow promoter Andrey Fomin – whose services can afford only really wealthy customers - led the celebration at the yacht club. As Life managed to discover, only lease of the yacht-club on the evening closed event cost more than 600 thousand rubles. Catering services for the party, which expected 60 persons, cost the birthday girl the same sum, excluding spending on luxury alcohol. All tables with guests were decorated with fresh flowers. The invited stars became the individual clause of an expense — Zakharova and her guests were entertained by singer Valery Meladze, whose 40-minute set on a custom action costs four and a half million rubles.

Meladze was accompanied by actor Gosha Kutsenko. But Valery did not let him to the microphone at the start, only after he was warmed by alcohol. By the way, Kutsenko's fee is estimated in less impressive amount: he is ready to entertain guests of any celebration for ten thousands euros. For a dessert, a pleasant surprise was prepared for Zakharova’s guests - an idol of youth of the birthday girl Vyacheslav Butusov, whose performances now extremely seldom please fans of the Nautilus band. However for one and a half million rubles Butusov with invariable brand hoarseness sang his best hits — Wings, Breathing and other legendary rock ballads of the 90th.

Валерий Меладзе и Гоша Куценко. Фото: Социальные сети

Photo: Valery Meladze and Gosha Kutsenko. Photo: Social networks

Ivanov himself did not skimp on toasts in honor of the beloved wife, raising his glass to her health and timeless beauty. Guests of the festival could only admire the pair circling in a slow dance. By the way, about history of the prompt novel of Svetlana and Timur in secular circles of Moscow legends go to this day. Zakharova started dating Ivanov nearly ten years ago, being at that time married to oligarch — owner of the printing empire Mikhail Maniovich. While being married to the millionaire, the business lady had two children. Maniovich's divorce with Zakharova was loud and painful - during the division of property, Svetlana arranged on herself LLC Prestizh, belonging to her husband, and demanded impressive alimony. In reply, Maniovich accused the spouse of swindles and even of attempt to order him.

Торт для именинницы. Фото: Социальные сети

Cake for the birthday girl. Photo: Social networks

In 2010 Svetlana married CEO of the Russian energy agency of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation — Timur Ivanov who was earlier the vice chairman of the board of JSC Inter RAO UES. It was in these years, when Zakharova’s beloved experienced a rapid rise up the career ladder. For only a few years Ivanov became the deputy chairman of the government of the Moscow region, then — a general director of Oboronstroy and as a result was appointed Sergey Shoygu's deputy. Though, Ivanov's candidacy was not immediately approved for the post — his documents had been slipping in the Presidential Administration for a long time.

According to, the future deputy minister had been checked for about three months – before the appointment Ivanov had to provide certificates of his income repeatedly and undergo a number of long procedures regarding position compliance.

Responding the Life’s request to share impressions about the birthday in the Imperial yacht club, Svetlana Zakharova said that "does not give interviews on this subject".



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