Deputy Milonov tells his version of impound lot incident

Deputy Milonov tells his version of impound lot incident
Vitaly Milonov

The MP believes that someone took his friend’s car and drove it through the mud; in addition, it was taken away without a police protocol.

Vitaly Milonov believes that the scandal at the impound lot is a violation of his civil rights and non-observance of the law. The MP told Life that when his friend and he came for the car, it did not correspond to its state before the evacuation.

He noted that the impound parking lot was a dirty and stinking place. Allegedly, the tow truck employees were drinking alcohol, and the administrator was inadequate. The people’s deputy was told that the organization was only responsible for storing the cars, while they were transported by specialists from a different company.

“We believe that the car was evacuated without the presence of a police officer and the protocol was drawn up elsewhere,” Milonov said.

He also said that initially the car was clean, but at the impound lot, it was already covered in mud, which indicated that someone had been driving it.

“Nobody has any complaints. They said “call the boss on the phone,” which didn’t even work. When I tried to find out what was happening, they called their boss, who tried to chase us out,” the deputy explained.

Previously, the media reported that deputy Vitaly Milonov had been beaten at the impound lot.



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