Deputy from Chuvashia accused of drugged driving

Deputy from Chuvashia accused of drugged driving
Anton Kovalev Photo:

The parliamentarian refused to undergo medical examination and threatened the police.

Officers of the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate detained a car of people’s choice of the Cheboksary City Assembly of Deputies, Anton Kovalev. The inspectors suspected him of drugged driving. They asked him to undergo a medical examination for drugs, but the politician refused. Under the law, for refusing to undergo the examination, the police must draw up an administrative protocol, which provides for an arrest of 15 days. Witnesses of the deputy's detention, activists of the anti-drug movement Antidiler report that Kovalev was not in the best shape, he “behaved ugly and threatened law enforcers.”

According to local media, deputy Kovalev is also listed as Head of the legal department of the Chuvash Republican Public Fund for Family, Children, and Veterans Assistance Zabota (‘Care’).



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