Deputy Delimkhanov: Emelianenko will answer for his words about Kadyrov's sons

Deputy Delimkhanov: Emelianenko will answer for his words about Kadyrov's sons
Adam Delimkhanov Photo: Dmitry Korotaev/Kommersant

The State Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov posted in his instagram page an address to the Head of the MMA Union Fedor Emelianenko, who had sharply criticized organizations of the MMA fights on October 5 in Grozny with participation of the Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov's sons.

"Whoever a man is, he has to answer for every word spoken against” sons of Kadyrov, whom Delimkhanov called his nephews. Delimkhanov did not commented on the fact of the MMA fight between young children in his post, but said that "moral, ethical and professional image" of Emelianenko "is under doubt”. Delimkhanov accused Emelianenko of undeserved winning the recent fight with Brazilian Fabio Maldonado, and wondered how "Fedor grew drug addict brother who beat and raped women."

In addition, Delimkhanov said that he was talking with Emelianenko on phone, but he hung up. "Putting the phone down, you showed lack of will to talk like a man with a man, showed your cowardice," - said the deputy of the State Duma, Ramzan Kadyrov's cousin.

Adam Delimkhanov's post in instagram:

Salam alejkum, dear friends! 

There is information that the President of the Russian MMA Union Emelianenko made a statement, in which he criticized organizers of the children’s exhibition fight at the International tournament Grand Prix Akhmat 2016 in Grozny. For me, it seems strange to hear such words from a man whose moral, ethical and professional image is under doubt. The fact that decency and conscience does not suit to image of Fedya became absolutely clear for us, when the corrupt judges from his department deprived Brazilian fighter Fabio Maldonado of his victory with brazen, infamous way. The international sports community witnessed, how Fedor shamefully lost and was severely beaten. Then he used the administrative resource and literally stole victory from his opponent. Fedor said about necessity of proper education for young generation, but, at the same time, he did not give an explanation how he grew drug addict brother who beat and raped women. 

I also want to emphasize the following. After reviewing Fedor’s biography and some details of his youth, I found out that, as a child, he was very afraid of normal children and avoided them. Decent guys from reputable and respectable circles never dealt with Fedor, as he did not share men’s code and values. Severe psychological consequences are reflected in his behavior now. 

I officially declare, that we have organized and will organize in the future all fights that we consider as necessary, without violating regulatory laws of organization of sport events. As for Fedya, I suggest him to study the Russian laws thoughtfully, become familiar with the concepts of sports ethics, honor and dignity.

Fedya, remember our phone conversation. Putting the phone down, you showed lack of will to talk like a man with a man, your cowardice. 

In conclusion, whoever a man is, he have to answer for every word in the address of my dear nephews! Allahu akbar!



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