Depositors of Yugra decide not to hold rally in Sokolniki

Depositors of Yugra decide not to hold rally in Sokolniki

The initiator of the event said that he intends to obtain an approval from the authorities on holding a picket in the center of Moscow.⁠

Depositors of the bank Yugra, from which the Central Bank revoked the license, refused to hold protest actions in Sokolniki scheduled for 23 August. According to the head of the initiative group, Nikolay Nikolayev, the activists will repeatedly apply to the Mayor's office in order to arrange a rally in the center of the Russian capital.

In addition, according to Nikolayev, another protest action will be held in Tyumen. It is to be recalled that the approval of the rally in Sokolniki was given on August, 14. 500 were supposed to participate in it.

As of August 14, the Deposit Insurance Agency (ASV) paid 156.1 billion rubles ($2.6bn) to the depositors of Yugra Bank, which is 90% of the total amount of insurance indemnities for the bank.

The Central Bank announced the revocation of the license from Yugra on July 28. The reason for the revocation was the failure of the bank to comply with federal laws and regulations of the Bank of Russia.



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