Department for Countering Extremism torture case indictor survived attack

Department for Countering Extremism torture case indictor survived attack
Investigative Committee initiated criminal proceedings into the attempt

An employee of the supervisory agency was assassinated.

In the village of Sunzha, the prosecutor survived an attempt. The Investigative Committee reports this.

According to the department, the incident occurred at 6:30 pm on Gagarina Street - an unknown man undermined a hand grenade. As a result, the guard was injured, he was hospitalized with a head injury; the employee of the supervisory department did not get hurt.

The ICR initiated a case under Encroachment On the Life of the Prosecutor (Art. 295 of the Criminal Code) and Encroachment On the Life of a Law Enforcement Officer (Art. 317).

As the source told Interfax, the attempt was committed against the prosecutor, who was the indictor in the case of former employees of the Center for Countering Extremism of the Interior Ministry in Ingushetia, headed by Timur Khamkhoev. They are accused of Murder (part 1 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code), Armed Robbery (part 2 of Article 162), Extortion (part 2 of Article 163), as well as in several episodes of Exceeding Official Powers with the use of violence against detainees (part 3 of Article 286).

This information was confirmed by lawyer of Zona Prava firm Andrey Sabinin, who represents the interests of the victims in this case. He also named the employee of the Prosecutor's Office - Hussein Gagiev.



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