Defense of Olga Alisova, who hit 'drunk boy', accused investigation of falsification

Defense of Olga Alisova, who hit 'drunk boy', accused investigation of falsification
Olga Alisova Photo: Dmitry Serebryakov / TASS

Lawyers claim that the case is based on false schemes of road accidents and protocols.

On March 1, the Moscow regional court will consider appeals from Olga Alisova, convicted in the case on the death of the six-year-old boy from Balashikha in an accident, and from Roman Shimko, the child's father, reports. Alisova's defense claims that the case materials were concocted; Shimko blames the woman for trying to influence the investigation.

The headline-making road accident occurred April 23, 2017 in the courtyard of a residential house in Balashikha, Moscow region. The child was returning from a walk with his grandfather. At the moment when he ran across the road towards his entrance, he was hit by a Hyundai car driven by Olga Alisova. According to eyewitnesses, she drove way too fast. The car ran down the boy with its front and rear wheels and dragged him along the road for about 10 meters.

A later forensic medical examination under the leadership of Mikhail Kleymenov showed that at the time of the accident the child's blood contained 2.7 ppm of alcohol. This corresponds to a strong intoxication. Repeated examinations revealed that the child did not drink alcohol, and expert Mikhail Kleymenov made gross mistakes. He was charged with Neglect of Duty (part 1 of Art. 293 of the Criminal Code).

The Moscow Region Railway Court sentenced Alisova to three years’ imprisonment in a penal colony. She was also ordered to pay 2.5 million rubles ($44.3 thousand) to the father of the boy, Roman Shimko, for emotional distress and 61.5 thousand rubles ($1 thousand) for compensation for material damage.

The verdict, however, did not suit either side. Roman Shimko found the verdict too mild. According to the child's father, Alisova could influence the investigation in order to hush up her guilt and was in collusion with experts who detected alcohol in the child's blood. In addition, Shimko doubted the correctness of conducting the medical examination of Alisova after the accident. He notes the time divergence in the compilation of acts and the direct arrival of the woman for undergoing tests. The father of the deceased boy believes that the tests were incomplete, and the woman could be under the influence of drugs. Shimko also remarked that Alisova filed a complaint against him about slander to the Prosecutor's Office. The victim asked the court to return the case to the prosecutor's office to verify these allegations.

Alisova's defense, in turn, claims that the materials of the case are cooked: the charges are based on a false traffic accident scheme and protocols of investigative actions. Alisova allegedly signed them in a state of shock from "the suddenness of what happened." The defense of the motorist says that the woman moved "not fast, without acceleration, evenly" and could not see the running child. Alisova's lawyer Natalya Kurakina stated she was ready to "go to the European Court".



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