Defendant in case of attacking office of United Russia leaves Russia

Defendant in case of attacking office of United Russia leaves Russia
Alexey Kobaidze

Earlier, another person involved in the case accused investigators of torture and fled abroad.

Anarchist Alexey Kobaidze, who is accused of throwing smoke bombs at the office of United Russia in Khovrino, fled Russia, despite a recognizance not to leave, Kobaidze’s lawyer Maxim Pashkov reported, referring to the investigation.

“Today I was supposed to participate in investigative actions together with my client Alexey Kobaidze, but before they began, the investigator called me and said that he had left Russia,” TASS quotes the lawyer as saying. 

According to the investigators, on the night of January 30, 2018, Alexey Kobaidze, Svyatoslav Rechkalov, Elena Gorban, Andrey Eikin and MSU graduate student Azat Miftakhov broke a window in the office of the United Russia party on Onezhskaya Street in Moscow and threw a smoke bomb in the building.

Miftakhov was initially accused of something completely different – manufacturing a bomb. The graduate student of Moscow State University is in a pre-trial detention center, the rest are under recognizance not to leave. Rechkalov left Russia about a year ago, accusing the investigation of torture. Miftakhov, who got incolved in the case on the basis of the testimony of a secret witness, also spoke about torture.

Last week, lawyer Pashkov announced that Aydar Gubaidulin, who had left Russia, was released on his own recognizance in the case of the use of violence against a policeman in a protest rally on July 27.



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