Defendant in case into murder of GRU soldier released in Armenia

Defendant in case into murder of GRU soldier released in Armenia
Nikita Belyankin

Owner of the Moscow region-based restaurant Beer House where Nikita Belyankin had been murdered left Russia straight after the murder.

Armenia’s authorities have released Grigor Oganyan, a defendant in a case into murder of GRU soldier Nikita Belyankin in the Moscow region, reports Rosbalt. Oganyan is an owner of a restaurant Beer House where Nikita Belyankin had been murdered. The investigation theory is that he could have been involved in the crime.

Oganyan left for Armenia straight after the murder of the ex-Special Forces soldier on June 1, 2019. He was put on a wanted list in Russia. International legal order was sent to Armenia’s authorities. Oganyan was detained for the time of the investigation. As he’s a citizen of Armenia, he can’t be extradited to Russia.

Oganyan was released after he had spent 40 days in custody which is the maximum allowed term. As soon as the investigation is over, the Investigative Committee of Russia may separate his files into another case and send them to Yerevan where Armenian law enforcers would consider them.

During the interrogation in his motherland, Oganyan pleaded not guilty. His theory is that in the evening, on June 1, he was on the restaurant’s second floor where birthday of Grant Ayrapetyan was being celebrated and there were lots of guests. Waitress called Oganyan from the first floor and complained about behavior of two visitors who turned out to be the restaurant’s frequenters and lived nearby.

According to Oganyan’s testimonies, the men confessed that before they set off for the restaurant, they had drunk two bottles of vodka. They quarreled with the restaurant’s waitress and she summoned the owner. He tried to get the noisy clients of the restaurant. In that moment, a group of people came down from the second floor. They kicked of the drunk guests outside. The scuffle continued there.

The owner of Beer House says a man with a gun appeared in that moment and opened fire. That was Belyankin. The restaurant’s guests decided he was a friend of the two drunk guys. Fight began. As a result, one of the men stabbed Belyankin. Later, Oganyan went to Armenia, having feared of what had happened.

The investigation theory is that the restaurant’s guests attacked the two men, Danilov and Sergeev, on a preliminary agreement. One of the guests, Sergey Khodjayan, pulled out a knife and started threatening them. He stabbed Sergeev in the stomach, having caused serious injury. The investigation theory is that the attackers’ goal was to murder their victims. Belyankin’s appearance saved them from death. Belyankin tried to stop the scuffle, however the attackers decided to kill him. It was allegedly Khodjayan who hit a deadly blow.



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