Decision on VIM Airlines' activity to be taken after October 15

Decision on VIM Airlines' activity to be taken after October 15

During the annual international forum Science and Technology in Society (STS) in the Japanese city of Kyoto, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich said that the decision on the future of VIM-Avia would be taken after October 15.

"In the Ministry of Transport's view, it is necessary to continue carrying out flights until October 15; after that, the decision will be made about the possibility of continuing the company's activities," as cited by RIA Novosti.

Mr. Dvorkovich also noted that passengers of the airline, who were supposed to fly home, but were left abroad because of the airline's problems, are returning to Russia.

To recall, VIM-Avia started having problems with its flights at the end of last week. On Monday, co-owner of the air carrier Rashid Mursekaev admitted that the airline did not have funds for its activities. The total amount of the carrier's debt is about 7 billion rubles ($121.6 million). Federal Air Transport Agency has initiated an unscheduled inspection of the airline.

Director General and Chief Accountant of VIM-Avia, Aleksandr Kochnev and Ekaterina Panteleeva, accused of swindling, have been placed under house arrest.



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