Deceived convict came to FSB. Corpses and rapes popped up

Deceived convict came to FSB. Corpses and rapes popped up
Former prisoner handed over customers of tortures to security officers and ended up behind the bars again Photo: Alexey Gushchin

How had the scandalous case of the Sverdlovsk Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia with murder, extortion and video emerged.

The Verkh-Isetsky court of Yekaterinburg conducted trial over murder of prisoner Anton Stern. The process is called a prologue in a high-profile investigation of the Sverdlovsk Administration of the Federal Security Service, employees of which received terabytes of compromising evidence on the prison administration, their colleagues security officers and criminal solvers. One of the prisoners handed the video and gave testimonies. He risked his freedom and lost. What happened and who wins – revealed in the material.

Anton Stern, the 21-year-old convict, was beaten to death in penal colony № 2 of Yekaterinburg in April 2015. According to the investigators, the young man became the first prominent victim in recent years of the overdone extortioners from among the convicts cooperating with administration of colony. Human activists called the process, which was organized in this penal institution in the beginning of 2000, conveyor on knocking-out of money and testimonies for the interested and investigators. URA.Ru has been writing about it repeatedly, however Stern's history was the most tragic, and the real reasons hide in its shadow. 

The plot of criminal case of Anton Stern comes down to the fact that several convicts, extorting money from the young man, have beaten him. In over a year, in September of the 2016th, materials of the investigation were transferred to court, but all hearings are held behind closed doors, and lawyers of the defendants gave a subscription about nondisclosure. It is considered that direct participation of the FSB in the case became the basis for closing of process — Sverdlovsk security officers provide operational support of the investigation.

The intelligence agency wanted to take out maximum information from the case of the penal colony № 2.

By the end of 2016, the investigation collected a lot of information. Besides convicts torturers there are employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service, like in this case, the former Deputy Chief of Dvoyka (penal colony №2) Mikhail Belousov, police officers, both former, and acting, investigators, lawyers and notaries in this case. As URA.Ru wrote, notaries often were the last in the conveyor on extortion. First were convicts capable to put the round-the-clock pressure upon the cellmate, to beat and even to rape under record.

One of the former prisoners known as Sych (horned owl) became the primary source for security officers (editors know his first and last name). Being one of the activists participating in breaking clients, in the end of 2014 he was released wrote the application. “How did it look like: deceived former convict cane to the Federal Security Service and reveled everything, including corpses and rapes. First of all he pointed on his bosses among whom were Belousov, the former prisoner [currently hiding Aleksander] Bulakov and a lot of other people, including authorities. He also named former public Prosecutor's employee, through whom commercial clients passed – rich defendants of criminal cases. Mikhail Klok, who in due time got control over Baza na Komsomolskoy, was one of such clients. In Dvoyka, Klok lost this asset”, the source told.

He did not specify the amount of corpses but suppose that the mentioned former employee of the prosecutor's office was Aleksander Gorbunov. Allegedly he did not pay released Sych for provided services on handling with clients and got a payback.

The data, which fell into hands of security officers, was quickly put to use. In the result of investigative and operational action in April deputy head of the penal colony № 2 Belousov was detained, questioned and later arrested. Investigators also took away evidences from the colony in amount of two Gazelle cars, including terabytes of material filmed in the colony. On carefully archived footage the whole process of work with investigative arrested or already condemned was visible.

Very few people knew about the hidden video, but subsequently it was sold to defendants of the case for 250 thousands rubles.

In particular, such recording was offered to the victim of a racketing of assets of Baza na Komsomolsky Dmitry Chuprakov.

The author of the claim to the FSB paid dearly for his candor with the securities. “A few months later, after Sych wrote the application, approximately at the end of March, 2015, he was detained, accused of rape, and soon received 8 years of imprisonment. It would be nothing, if not for the fact that a woman, who was allegedly injured by him, bought a car after. Coincidence? I don’t think”, - the source shared his memory.

Rumor has it that thanks to Sych, security officers have data on three tens more or less noticeable incidents with a racketing. As for Stern, it was a unique case on murder, which got to court, though there were enough suspicious deaths in the penal colony №2 till 2014.

“Blue convicts (beaten, with bruises), with pulled out nails, were taken out from Dvoyka, but in the jailers’ documents it was written that people were harming themselves. It is interesting that some cases are probably investigated, but they, as far as I know, are split up. Materials are being taken from the total mass emitted in separate proceedings, new and new cases emerge. Thus, for example, it is possible to hide a criminal corpse or to dump murder on convicts contractors", a source told.

The General Administration of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Sverdlovsk Region are ready to comment only on Stern’s case, but note that the system gets rid of the employees who soiled themselves.  According to the head of the media service of a prison central board Aleksander Levchenko, management of the penal colony №2 is already replaced and Belousov will be responsible under the law.

The Sverdlovsk administration of the FSB assured that investigations again all defendants are being carried out and will be brought to an end.



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