Deceased Roscosmos top manager paid $1.3m for his release shortly before his death 

Deceased Roscosmos top manager paid $1.3m for his release shortly before his death
Vladimir Evdokimov

The notorious Dionisiy Zolotov became an intermediary between him and the “FSB officers.”⁠

Notorious fixer Dionisiy Zolotov, who shared a cell with ex-Roscosmos top manager Vladimir Evdokimov, used to extort money from the latter. To recall, March 18, 2017, Evdokimov was found dead in the Moscow pre-trial detention center No. 5 (SIZO-5). Initially, there had been reports indicating it could have been a suicide.

However, the Russian Investigative Committee has initiated a case of murder, whereas according to Interfax’s source, Evdokimov might have been killed – he had three wounds inflicted with a knife on his body: two in the rib area and one on the neck.

A month before his murder, Evdokimov had been transferred from a special unit to a regular cell, which did not have video surveillance.

As Novaya Gazeta found out, during questioning, Evdokimov’s wife Valentina Rakitina said that her husband had told her about a man he met in the prison, who could solve many issues. It concerned a certain Denis (Dionisiy), a well-known rainmaker with a wealth of contacts throughout law enforcement bodies. According to Evdokimov, he was an ‘enforcer’ in cell No. 600, where he was serving his sentence. Since late January 2017, Rakitina went on, she transferred from 75 to 300 thousand rubles ($1.3 to 5.2 thousand) to Yandex.Wallet at the request of her spouse; the money was supposed to be used for “maintaining favorable conditions for his detention in prison – food, alcohol, and the possibility to use cellular communication.”

In late February, Evdokimov reported on the need to collect 50 million rubles ($867 thousand) within two days, which will be spent on his release. According to her, during a telephone conversation, Evdokimov said that same Dionisiy was helping him, who had links to the FSB. Later, Rakitina received a criminal proceedings restructuring plan via the lawyers, according to which her husband had to be transferred to house arrest, and the case had to be terminated. The plan required to put the money in a lockbox at the Kazansky train station.

Дионисий Золотов

Dionisiy Zolotov (photo: Gleb Shchelkunov/Kommersant)

On March 2, when the woman learned that she had complied with all the requests, she received a message from her husband saying that he would be released on March 26 (on his birthday).

But March 13, he told her the FSB officers wanted to transfer him in a different confinement cell. The formal reason was the cell phone found in his possession, however, in reality, as Zolotov explained to him, the share of the FSB Department P of the Economic Security Service (in charge of the criminal case against Evdokimov) was not included in the bribe. Therefore, 30 million rubles ($520 thousand) more was required.

March 16, as it appears from Rakitina’s interview, the necessary amount was again placed in the lockbox at the Kazansky train station. In the evening, she received the following message from her husband – “Everyone is happy!” The very next day, the husband demanded that she urgently destroy a number of documents and prepare for a search. In the evening, Rakitina and Evdokimov had a phone conversation, where they discussed the situation; they both regarded it as cheating. The following day, according to the woman, she began to receive messages with condolences.

As Novaya Gazeta reported, Zolotov’s actions prompted the initiation of a criminal case of 80-million-ruble ($1.3 million) Swindling (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code) against Vladimir Evdokimov’s wife, Valentina Rakitina. Several accomplices of the fixer are defendants in the case.

Head of Zashchita legal company Dionisiy Zolotov (first name - Denis Tumarkin) had been repeatedly tried for swindling. Taking the surname Zolotov in 2013, he introduced himself to clients as a relative of current Head of the National Guard, Victor Zolotov, and promised to solve all their issues with law enforcers at the highest level.

At the same time, he would record all of his conversations with police officials, digging up dirt. As a result, for example, former head of the MIA Directorate in the Western District of Moscow Vladimir Rozhkov was convicted for receiving a 5-million-ruble ($86.7 thousand) bribe from Zolotov last year. For this amount, Rozhkov promised to stop the audit of several restaurants. In late 2016, Zolotov himself was sentenced to 5 years – the court took into account his remorse and cooperation with the preliminary investigation.

According to Novaya Gazeta, Zolotov could have taken part in “intra-cell cultivation of other prisoners” with the FSB in the SIZO-5. He was feeling really loose in the detention center; he could freely move between confinement cells and offices for investigative actions and visits and offered intermediary services to prisoners – from improving the conditions of detention to the termination of criminal prosecution. 

Vladimir Evdokimov was detained in December 2016 on charges of swindling on an especially large scale. According to the investigation, the top manager and his accomplices – former Director General of MiG-Rost OJSC Aleksey Ozerov and Deputy Director General of Tupolev PJSC Egor Noskov – have illegally acquired the rights to a complex of buildings on the Khodynka field with an area of 22 thousand square meters. The damage caused by them is estimated at 200 million rubles ($3.4 million). Evdokimov had not pleaded guilty.



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