Deceased Krasnoyarsk official asked to bury him without honor

Deceased Krasnoyarsk official asked to bury him without honor
Two memorials are organized in memory of Alexey Kleshko in Krasnoyarsk Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda

The main version of the official’s death is a suicide.

The media made public the latest SMS, written by the Deputy Speaker of Krasnoyarsk Assembly, Alexey Kleshko. TV channel 360 reports citing sources that the politician adjuted to bury him “without honor.” It is unknown who this message was addressed to.

As The CrimeRussia previously wrote, Kleshko's body was found on Monday morning in the courtyard of his house in Dekabristov Street. Investigators also found several suicide notes of the politician in his apartment and at the workplace. Their content is not revealed.

The investigators are clarifying if the deceased was the author of the messages.

The police are interrogating neighbors of Kleshko and the local concierge, fingerprints are being collected at the incident scene.

Of note, in May 2017, the body of the former Vice Mayor of Krasnoyarsk, Yury Barynin, was discovered at the entrance of the same house. He fell out of the stairwell window on the 17th floor.



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