Daughter of Ural Deputy cusses out and beats driver blocking his road 

Daughter of Ural Deputy cusses out and beats driver blocking his road

The driver, whom the daughter of the Deputy insulted and tried to beat in the incident in the parking lot in Yekaterinburg, requires her personal apology.

A scandal around the daughter of Deputy of the Kushvinsky City District Duma Alexander Kambaratov Marina erupted earlier in the week.

Having beset the other driver with her Mercedes in the parking lot near a residential building in Ekaterinburg, she jumped out of the car in rage, and properly cussed out the motorist, who was taken aback. In addition, she was trying to break the door in Denis’s car, whipped off restyling of the glass and hit him several times. According to him, she hit the mirrors, tried to break the headlight switch, pull out a mobile phone of his hands.

Exasperated by such insolence, the driver Denis posted a video so that "people can take a look at the boor." As he explained to the portal 66.ru, he wanted the girl to be ashamed of her behavior.

Denis said that if one watches the videos from surveillance cameras, it is clear that he was right: he drove to a completely empty road. And after the gate was opened, the girl in the Mercedes started to reverse. In the end, she stopped, and in response to Denis’s request to let him drive first, she cussed him out.

Then, the daughter of the Deputy said in her defense that the driver demanded 150 thousand rubles from her for not uploading the video on YouTube. Denis has categorically denied this allegation, calling it absolute lie.

In addition, he did not know that the girl is the daughter of the Deputy, until he saw it in the comments below the video.

The MP Kambaratov has commented on the incident himself: he condemned the driver for publishing video on the Internet. And the Deputy's second daughter stood up for her sister in the same style and cussed out her offender.

The driver does not rule out that he may be threaten or come up with something against him. But in this case, he promised to immediately contact the police.

Video: Deputy's daughter cusses out a driver



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