Daughter of Putin’s press secretary spotted at rally in support of Golunov 

Daughter of Putin’s press secretary spotted at rally in support of Golunov
Liza Peskova

A video on which Elizaveta Peskova, in the company of a young man, attends the rally hits the web.

A video on which the daughter of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov Elizaveta is present at an unauthorized rally in support of Meduza journalist Ivan Golunov hits the Web.

The girl stands in the company of an unknown guy and shoots what is happening on the phone. Peskova posted a short video at her Instagram story, but then deleted it.

According to media reports, about 500 people were detained on an unauthorized march on June 12 in Moscow.

The CrimeRussia wrote that Ivan Golunov was detained on June 6. The police seized drugs from him; prohibited substances were also found at his apartment. Golunov was charged with attempted drug sale. The journalist claimed that cocaine was planted, and the case against him was framed up out of his investigations.

This version was also proved by the fact that the Ministry of Internal Affairs published photographs of a drug lab allegedly found at Golunov’s house. However, the department recognized that the photos were taken in a different place. Nevertheless, the court placed the journalist under house arrest. A day later, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev announced the drop of all charges against Golunov and the termination of the criminal case due to lack of evidence. The department initiates a service check. Also, the Prosecutor General checks the actions of the police.



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