North Ossetia ex-Prosecutor's daughter who threatened to kill policemen indicted 

North Ossetia ex-Prosecutor's daughter who threatened to kill policemen indicted
Kamilla Kumekhova

Father of the girl, accused of threatening to use violence against a public official, is sure the investigation did not have sufficient grounds for a criminal case.

The final charge has been brought against the daughter of the former District Prosecutor of Vladikavkaz Ruslan Kumekhov, Kamilla. According to the ICR Investigative Administration of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, the 28-year-old woman is accused of threatening to Use Violence against a representative of authorities (part 1 of Art. 318 of the Russian Criminal Code).

According to investigation, traffic police stopped a Toyota car at about 6 am on May 1, 2016 on Tautiev street in Vladikavkaz. A 26-year-old driver was in a drunken state and did not have a driver's license. The police decided to deliver him to the city police department for investigation, and impound the car. However, two passengers, namely Kamilla Kumekhova and her friend, refused to get out of the car. Kumekhova began making a scene, then took out a knife and threatened to kill the police officers. She said she could easily get away with killing traffic police officers. Kumekhova also regretted she did not have a gun, or she would have "shoot them all."

Guardians of order eventually managed to pull the girls out of the car.

Police officers had caught the behavior of the former Prosecutor’s daughter on camera, and the video of the incident has quickly gained publicity on the Internet.

After this incident, Kamilla Kumekhova was fined 500 rubles, due to her actions being equated to Small Hooliganism (Art. 20.1 of the Russian Code on Administrative Offenses). However, investigators felt this was not enough. They had conducted a series of inspections and investigative actions, following which they initiated a criminal case against the woman. Now she is facing a sentence of up to 5 years.

It should be noted that Kumekhova’s father previously held positions of district prosecutor and head of investigation department in Vladikavkaz, as well as the position of senior assistant of Northwest Investigation Department in St. Petersburg.

In an interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda, Ruslan Kumekhov told not to make Kseniya Sobchak out of his daughter, and that she is not the silver-spoon-in-the-mouth type.

“I’m not justifying her. She should have kept a low profile, not let them manipulate herself; but there should be reasons and grounds for initiating a criminal case against her,” Kumehov is convinced that investigation does not have sufficient grounds for criminal case initiation.

Video: Ex-Prosecutor’s daughter attacking police officers



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