‘Daughter’ of National Guard’s Head to sue Tatler

‘Daughter’ of National Guard’s Head to sue Tatler
Daria Zolotova

Daria Zolotova turned out to be the General’s namesake.

Daria Zolotova, who has found herself in the list of Tatler’s eligible bachelorettes, intends to sue the title. The girl argues that she is not the youngest daughter of Head of the National Guard Viktor Zolotov.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, at the end of 2016, Tatler magazine included Daria Zolotova in its rating, calling her a daughter of General Zolotov. The response of bloggers and other media was swift, and they started actively digging into the girl. Thus, it turned out that the so-called ‘daughter’ of the Head of the National Guard had graduated from a prestigious school No. 1261 in central Moscow, located near the Balchug hotel. She became a model while still in school. The ‘researchers’ did not forget to mention that despite the fact that Daria’s ‘father’ headed the Russian security structure, she preferred Western higher education – now she is studying at University of Westminster. Pictures of the girl’s ‘luxurious life’ also became a subject for discussion.

In reality, Daria has nothing to do with the family of the National Guard’s head. The girl, whom Tatler called an eligible bachelorette, studies at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation; she has been serving internship at the University of Westminster since November 2016. Dean of the International Faculty of the University of Finance Yulia Petrova has confirmed this information to Life’s journalists. In addition, it turned out that Daria’s patronymic is Andreevna, rather than Viktorovna, which Zolotov’s real daughter should bear.

The student claims that the magazine reporters have deliberately misinformed their readers.

“A friend of mine used to work for Tatler. She told me that I was included in the brides’ rating according to the magazine’s editorial staff. I called them and told that what they said about me was not true,” to confirm her words, Zolotov’s namesake showed the correspondence she had had with the title’s employee before the edition was published. In response, the magazine employee wrote that she had discussed everything with the chief editor, and there would be no further mention of Daria Zolotova in Tatler.

Now the student intends to file a suite against the title. She claims that her life turned into hell after the rating of eligible bachelorettes was published.

“I’ve sent a letter to Tatler, asking them to print an apology,” Darya complained. “I’m amazed at how easy it is to turn the life into hell for any person who is only guilty of being a namesake of some big boss!”



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