Daughter of late Judge Moskalenko sells 26-million luxury house

Daughter of late Judge Moskalenko sells 26-million luxury house
Sergey Moskalenko

In the Omsk region, scandal against the name of Federal Judge Sergey Moskalenko, who hung himself in a city park a week ago, continues unabated; thus, local media have learnt that the daughter of the deceased has put up for sale a luxury house, situated in the suburbs.

However, media sources note that salary in law enforcement bodies, where Ekaterina Bespalova, the daughter of Sergey Moskalenko, and her husband Igor work, is not high enough to build and maintain such a house.

The two-storey cottage with an area of 300 sqm is located in Chukreevka village not far from Omsk. The 10-ares plot is equipped with a bath. Ekaterina Bespalova is the house owner. According to Life.ru, the ad for the house sale had been published on a website, but was soon removed.

According to the outlet, documents for house sale are ready, and the real estate is not burdened. The only owner listed it the daughter of Sergey Moskalenko, Ekaterina Bespalova. "They hold certain positions in law enforcement bodies, but building a cottage for 26 million at their own expense is just too expensive," the press noted.

It is also worth noting that the ad specified the owner moving to another place as the reason for house sale. As local media suggest, relatives of the judge in question accused of bribing intend to leave Omsk as soon as possible.

Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Sergey Moskalenko was accused of receiving a large bribe from businessman Berg, who had deceived shared construction participants. Moreover, Moskalenko was posthumously charged with Berg's murder.



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