Daughter of FSB assistant manager to tire Russian Olympians

Daughter of FSB assistant manager to tire Russian Olympians
Anastasia Zadorina's shows were sponsored by VTB

The contract with a group of Bosco di Ciliegi, which was engaged in equipping athletes since 2002, has expired and it was decided not to sign it again.⁠

The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) changed the licensee for the first time in 15 years. The contract with Bosco di Ciliegi of Mikhail Kusnirovich, which developed and supplied the Russian Olympic form, expired in January this year and it was decided not to renew it. The new supplier of equipment for the athletes became ZA Sport company, founded by Anastasia Zadorina.

In April 2016, Forbes magazine called Zadorina the daughter of Head of the FSB Office Support Services and President of the sports club Dinamo Mikhail Shekin. RBC's interlocutors confirmed that Shekin is still the FSB's "assistant manager".

Zadorina explained in conversation with the correspondent of the agency that her company will tire the athletes in next 8 years. On the question of whether ZA Sport has enough capacity (single plant in Moscow) for the production of equipment, the businesswoman said: "I bethink."

According to SPARK, Anastasia Zadorina also owns LLC ZA Group, Ekipsport Ltd. and other 8 companies. Vedomosti called the woman a fashion designer of ZA Group in February 2016. The fashion designer is known for an action organized in the autumn of 2014 near the circus on the Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow – she exchanged imported clothes on her T-shirt with the words: "In the coffin I saw your approval", "Topol is not afraid of sanctions", "Sanctions? Do not tell my Iskander". One of the Zadorina's sponsors were steel structures of businessman Alexey Khotin. In addition, the designer shows were sponsored by VTB and her clients were Transneft structures, Rosatom and Norilsk Nikel, Vnukovo airport, etc. Among the partners of Zadorina (LLC Kosta, hunting and breeding of wild animals in the Yaroslavl region) there is daughter of former Deputy Head of the FSB Yury Zaostrovtsev Olga Zaostrovtseva.



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