Dar Foundation manager has “no need for lofty patrons", threatens to sue Navalny

Dar Foundation manager has “no need for lofty patrons", threatens to sue Navalny
Ilya Yeliseev Photo: Forbes

Dmitry Medvedev's classmate Ilya Yeliseev said that he did not report to Prime Minister, was not his "banker" or "manager."

Ilya Yeliseev, Dmitry Medvedev's classmate and head of Dar Foundation, is going to file a lawsuit against the makers of the film about Prime Minister’s property. He also said that he understood that this could serve as “political promotion of certain individuals," he told Kommersant.

As our readers may remember, Aleksey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Fund made an investigation claiming that Medvedev owns and runs various real estates and businesses through Dar and Sotsgosproekt foundations related to Yeliseev.

"What can I say? People who know what they are talking about would not publish this kind of nonsense: this is a totally stupid thing. I do not report to the prime minister, I’m not his "banker" or "manager", and so on. I am self-sufficient, independent, and have not need for lofty patrons. Of course, we are friends, we meet sometimes, we call each other on a birthday. And although our families are not close, I know Dmitry Anatolyevich's wife and son pretty well. Do I really have to apologize for all this?” Yeliseev lamented.

He also confirmed what oligarch Alisher Usmanov had said before, that the foundation got the Rublyovskoye mansion as compensation for an "unfinished development project". That was Usmanov’s claim yesterday when he sued Navalny and FBK. Besides, his lawyers intend to file a statement to the law enforcement agencies to hold Navalny liable for defamation.

Yeliseev confirmed in an interview that Dar Foundation was engaged in restoration and construction of "places like Milovka or Psekhako." He said restoration of Strelna museum complex was one of the key priorities of the foundation and that the experience was repeated in Plyos later.

According to Yeliseev, Dar Foundation was established in 2006, and it is not affiliated with any official whatsoever. The Foundation was originally conceived as a non-profit organization that implements projects in the interests of society and the state, rather than being a "charitable foundation in its conventional sense."

As for the Tuscany vineyard associated with Medvedev, according to the footage, Yeliseev said it was his "purely private investment", which has nothing to do with the foundations.



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