Dagestanis fight and shoot at St. Petersburg parking lot 

Dagestanis fight and shoot at St. Petersburg parking lot
Photo: 78.ru

One of the men involved in the incident has been hospitalized.

A few natives of Dagestan staged a mass brawl with shooting in a parking lot outside 60 Sverdlovskaya Embankment, St. Petersburg. The incident occurred on the morning of June 26 and got on CCTV.

Three men are seen chasing a fourth one and then beating him up. The victim fights back and knocks one of the attackers on the ground, who, apparently, loses consciousness. Then the fourth one escapes from the attackers. Only one of the men, armed with a gun, chases him.


Further developments are not on the CCTV, but according to 78.ru with reference to a source, one of the Dagestanis was hospitalized and operated on. Two of his friends were detained, their gun was seized.

The press service of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region told the portal that a criminal case was filed under the article pertaining to disturbance of the public order.



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