Dagestani village protesters face detentions after rally against district Head

Dagestani village protesters face detentions after rally against district Head

Eight activists were arrested.

After mass detentions of protesters at Nizhnie Mulebki, Dagestan, eight people were arrested, Kavkazsky Uzel writes with reference to the member of the Kolkhoz n.a. Kalinin agricultural production cooperative board, Radzhab Radzhabov.

In total, about 40 people were detained during the protest in the regional center - the village of Sergokala. Most of them were fined 1500 rubles ($23) for Defiance to the Police (Article 19.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). The rest were arrested for three-five days.

On June 17, residents of the village of Nizhnie Mulebki protested in the regional center demanding the return of their land, which, in their opinion, was illegally sold by the former head of the Kolkhoz n.a Lenin.

"We were going to go out to the Kayakent district to examine our lands on the spot. This land in the Kayakent district was transferred to the Kalinin collective farm for perpetual use in 1956. But, as we managed to find out, a cowshed was sold; a part of the land was leased out without permits. When the head was replaced two years ago, the sale was revealed. And we are trying to return our lands," the edition quotes Radzhabov, who is a member of the board of the collective farm.

Radzhabov said that on the day of the action, the siloviki stationed officers on the roads and tried to prevent the rally, so a clash broke up.

At the same time, RIA Derbent and the newspaper Chernovik write that about 200 protesters faced the crackdown, the central square was cordoned off by the siloviki. According to eyewitnesses, the protesters were dispersed by employees of the Rosgvardiya, who also shot in the air. The department confirmed the participation of its employees in detentions and called the residents of Sergokala village “wrong-doers,” but denied that the siloviki used weapons.

"We want to defend our land. We had several rallies. The former chairman of the kolkhoz forged documents and sold out our land to the farmer two years ago. The administration only fobs off with promises, not reviewing the issue," Chernovik quotes words of the Nizhnie Mulebki inhabitants.

According to Radzhab Radzhabov, after the incident, the head of the Sergokalinsky district promised to review the situation and meet with the leadership of the Property Relations Ministry. The press service of the Ministry told Kavkazsky Uzel that the meeting had already taken place, but they did not disclose its conclusion.



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