Dagestani man who fired “festive” shots with Kalashnikov in Moscow arrested by court 

Dagestani man who fired “festive” shots with Kalashnikov in Moscow arrested by court
Omar Omarov

Shooter Omar Omarov and his friend Islam Murtazaliev, who shoot the incident with a camera, are charged with Hooliganism.

The Tverskoy Court of Moscow made decision on arrest of the suspects in shooting with a Kalashnikov rifle in the city center.

"The court decided to fulfill a request of the investigation and to sentence Omar Omarov to preventive measure in the form of detention," - RIA Novosti reported the words of the judge. The court also ruled out to arrest Islam Murtazaliev, who filmed the incident.

Omarov and Murtazaliev are accused of Hooliganism (part 2, Art. 213 of the Criminal Code). It is worth noting, the shooter recognized his guilt. Murtazaliev claimed he did not commit any crime. During the hearing, it became known that the latter had previously been tried, without specification of a crime he had committed.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, on January 6, law enforcement officers detained Dagestani natives, who opened fire in the city center. They videotaped the shooting and posted a video on the social network. The video shows a young man of Caucasian appearance, who gets a Kalashnikov rifle from a trunk of a SUV and opens fire into the air. During the interrogation, Omarov said that the rifle was not a real gun, but a toy. He also said that he did not intend to frighten passers-by, but "support festive atmosphere in Moscow."

"It was a toy; I’m no criminal to carry an actual gun during the New Year’s eve, when there are fireworks and blasts everywhere. Petards and Christmas crackers could be heard all around, so I shot in the air with a toy gun,” – said the detainee.

Video: Rifle shooting in Moscow center 2017



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