Dagestan siloviki accused of kidnapping

Dagestan siloviki accused of kidnapping

Residents of the republic sent its Head Vladimir Vasilyev an open letter asking to deal with the disappearance of their relatives.

On February 11 resident of Derbentsky district of Dagestan Gasanbek Shikhakhmedov sent an open letter to the Head of the republic Vladimir Vasilyev asking him to investigate the abduction of his son, Moskovsky Komsomolets reports. Shikhakhmedov stated that on February 8 in Derbent FSB officers allegedly drove his son Aslan away in an unknown direction. After that he did not get in touch for three days. After the father wrote a statement about the abduction to the police, Aslan dialed his relatives and informed them that he was in Makhachkala. There are no charges against him, but he is not allowed to return home or contact a lawyer.

MK imparts that other residents of Dagestan found themselves in a similar situation. On February 9, a rally occurred in Makhachkala at which people demanded the investigation of kidnappings. About 30 women from the republican capital, Khasavyurt and Kaspiysk took part in it. The protesters met with the plenipotentiary of the Head of Dagestan in the central territorial district Abidin Karchigaev, who promised to sort out the situation until February 14.

It is noted that most of the abductees are suspected of having links with militants. However, there are also extortionists operating in the republic, who also carry out kidnapping. Thus, on February 8, near the village of Dzhaba, a body of 18-year-old Bayram Omarov was found. Previously, he was kidnapped by unknown people, who demanded a ransom of 1.5 million rubles ($25.9 thousand). The money was to be transferred within 5 hours, however, Omarov's grandmother, whom the kidnappers contacted, immediately applied to the police. Law enforcement agencies told the woman that her grandson had orchestrated the kidnapping himself to get the money. The police detained friends of the young man, whom they called his accomplices.

In the course of the anti-corruption inspection of the republican leadership by the interdepartmental commission under the leadership of Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Ivan Sydoruk, it was found out that law enforcement bodies of Dagestan often turn a blind eye to offenses in order not to spoil the statistics of criminal and administrative cases. Moreover, the siloviki refused to initiate cases even on three episodes of a terrorist nature.

The anticorruption operation in Dagestan has been going on since early February. In its framework, the acting Prime Minister of the republic, two of his Deputies and the former Minister of Education have already been arrested. They are accused of major fraud with public funds.



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