Dagestan police brought to responsibility for entering courtroom

Dagestan police brought to responsibility for entering courtroom

The police broke into the courtroom, despite the prohibition of bailiffs.

The Supreme Court of Dagestan commented on information about the unauthorized entry into the courtroom of Kirovsk District Court of Makhachkala by a group of employees of the Center for Countering Extremism and the Directorate for Drug Control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the press service, the incident occurred on January 29 of this year, during the election of a preventive measure against two persons. Police officers in camouflage and masks, ignoring the ban of bailiffs, went upstairs and blocked the entrance to the courtroom, where a petition was to be considered.

That said, they ignored the legal demands of the bailiffs and judges and refused to leave the court.

The Interior Ministry conducted an internal audit and brought its employees to disciplinary responsibility. In addition, the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan has been notified of the requirements of strict adherence to admission and interdepartmental regime in courts and the inadmissibility of such incidents in the future, the court said.



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