Dagestan: participants of shootout at market sentenced

Dagestan: participants of shootout at market sentenced

Seven of the 14 defendants received sentences ranging from 6.8 to 22 years.

A court in Dagestan sentenced seven participants in a shootout at a market in Kizlyar, during which one person died and eight people were wounded. In total, 14 people participated in the criminal group gathered from among the market’s security personnel, the ICR’s press service reports.

The court deprived of liberty for a period from 6.8 to 22 years in prison the following men: Magomedamin Mamayev, Magomed Rizvanov, Giorgy Chaganava, Gadzhimurad Shihabudinov, Ruslan Aliyev, Bagavutdin Huseynov, Badrudin Saidov, Alibeg Sultanayev, Magomed Khalidov and Hasan Mutayev. Depending on the role of each, they are found guilty of murder, attempted murder, illegal arms trafficking, secret theft of another's property, arson and drugs possession.

According to the investigation, on October 8, 2014, Kizlyarsky universalny  rynok LLC (Kizlyar Universal Market) was headed by acting director Ruslan Huseynov, who ordered the market administrator Magomedamin Mamayev to bring the organization’s financial activities in order. Mamaev was allegedly frightened by the dismissal and incited security officers to attack the new leader.

The next morning, Huseynov arrived at the work with seven close people and came under fire. The criminals who had previously disconnected the security cameras beat Huseynov up and fled.

The case was heard with jury, who acquitted Shihabudinov, Saidov and Sultanayev. The rest of the convicts, in addition to imprisonment, were fined 80,000 rubles ($ 1,200) each.



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