Dagestan: last militant of Endirey armed gang eliminated 

Dagestan: last militant of Endirey armed gang eliminated
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In May, the members of this gang blew up the grave of Sheikh Sayid Afandi Chirkeysky.

Russian FSB special forces unit blocked the militant on the outskirts of the village Endirey in Khasavyurt district. He refused to lay down his arms and surrender, and opened fire on the siloviki. However, he was killed in the shootout.

According to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC), there are no casualties among law enforcement bodies. Weapons, ammunition, and improvised explosive device have been found on the scene.

NAC representatives believe that the shot militant was involved in the attacks on law enforcement officers, in particular, the killing of police officers in the Kizilyurt district of the republic. It is noted that he was a member of a gang of the Islamic State terrorist group (banned in Russia) supporters.

TASS source in the security agencies of Dagestan said that the slain gunman was the last member of the so-called Endirey gang, the members of which blew up the grave of Sheikh Sayid Afandi Chirkeysky in May and fired at the police. Later, the grave was restored.

The premise for the ziyarat (worship) at the grave of Sheikh Sayid Chirkeysky, who died as a result of a self-explosion of a suicide bomber in Dagestan in 2012, was blown up on the night of May 9. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the explosion.



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