Crocus City oceanarium CEO shot with TT pistol, investigators say 

Crocus City oceanarium CEO shot with TT pistol, investigators say
TT pistol

Six 7.62 mm cases were found near the place where Director General and co-owner of the Crocus City oceanarium Andrey Chernov was killed.

The hitman might have used a TT pistol, according to a police source, as quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency. This information is being checked.

To recall, the Mash community reported that the hitman shot Andrey Chernov with an AK rifle during a morning jog. The report was made yesterday. The community might have been confused by reports of 7.62 mm cartridges caliber being used by the hitman; both TT and early version of AK use this caliber. However, AK and TT’s cartilages have different length (25 and 39 mm, respectively) and look differently.


Andrey Chernov

May we remind you that 53-year-old businessman Andrey Chernov was shot dead in the Suvorovsky park in the west of Moscow on August 4. The ICR Main Investigations Directorate opened a murder and arms trafficking case yesterday.

Investigators have several leads as to why Chernov might have been killed, according to the committee’s announcement. The investigators do not have CCTV footage or eyewitnesses at the moment, as reported earlier.   



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