Criminal who filmed murder of Hero of Russia jailed for 24 years

Criminal who filmed murder of Hero of Russia jailed for 24 years

The prosecution demanded life imprisonment for Artur Bekbolatov.⁠

Artur Bekbolatov, accused of murdering Police Lieutenant Magomed Nurbagandov, was sentenced to 24 years in prison. "To sentence Bekbolatov on the totality of crimes by partial addition to 24 years of imprisonment with serving in a strict-regime colony with restriction of freedom for two years," the judge of the North Caucasus District Military Court read out.

Bekbolatov was found guilty under Art. 208 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Participation in an Illegal Armed Formation), Art. 209 (Creation of an Organized Criminal Group), Art. 317 (Encroachment on the Life of a Law Enforcement Officer), Art. 167 (Willful Damage to Property), Art. 166 (Unlawful Possession of a Car without the purpose of theft with the use of violence dangerous to life or health), part 3 of Art. 205 (Training for Terrorist Activities), Art. 222 (Illegal Circulation of Arms committed by an organized group).

According to RIA Novosti, the state prosecutor demanded a life sentence for the person involved in the resonant criminal case. The defense asked "not to punish" strictly.

According to the ICR, Artur Bekbolatov and Aziz Jamalutdinov were part of the so-called Izberbash gang under the leadership of Magomed Khalimbekov. On July 10, near the village of Sergokal, an armed group attacked five vacationers. The criminals shot 2 of them. Among those killed there was police officer Magomed Nurbagandov and his brother Abdurashid.

The investigation suggests that the murder occurred against the backdrop of the professional activities of a policeman. One of the attackers pointed a gun at Lieutenant of the police Magomed Nurbagandov and demanded to persuade all his relatives and friends quit law enforcement. Instead, the policeman told his relatives: "Just work, brothers" and was shot. The execution of the fighter of Rosgvardia was filmed by Artur Bekbolatov.

The murder of the policeman caused a wide resonance in the society, and Vladimir Putin awarded him title of Hero of Russia.

Bekbolatov and Jamalutdinov were detained during a special operation in the city of Izberbash. The rest of the members of the criminal group were killed. At one of the liquidated bandits’ phone there was found a video recording of the shooting of men in a forest near the village of Sergokala on July 10. The record shows how an armed bandit gunpointing tries to force a policeman Magomed Nurbagandov to speak to the camera persuading his friends and brothers leave the law-enforcement bodies. Jamalutdinov fully admitted his guilt. He was sentenced to 17 years in prison.



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