Criminal nightmare in Ulyanovsk 

Criminal nightmare in Ulyanovsk

Regional law-enforcement system degrades and risks burying investment plans of the authorities.

The modern Ulyanovsk Region could be represented in the manner of the known sculpture by Ernest Neizvestny, who immortalized Nikita Khrushchev: one half in white marble, other half – in black. Everyone is familiar with the white part - the Ulyanovsk province in recent years is rightly positioning itself as one of the major regional centers of attraction for Russian and foreign investors.

Regional authorities are doing a lot to ensure that the region is successfully developing even in the period of socio-economic turmoil. However, with all this success and achievements this province has a very serious problem, which has gradually become the stone around the neck, which is capable to send all efforts of local authorities to a bottom. This is the black half of the Volga Region - the law-enforcement system, more precisely – structures of the Regional Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs headed by the General Yury Varchenko became a heavy stone on his neck.

Varchenkovskiye, kuzinskiye and saplevskiye

Since summer of this year, the Commission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia is operating in Ulyanovsk. It was transferred to the region by order of Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev. According to media, the reason for the regional administration’s shift were disorders in the reports, sent from Ulyanovsk to Moscow, which on closer examination turned out to be blatant false reporting and distortions.

Nevertheless, it is not necessary to take to pieces the documents, signed by the shivering hand of the General Varchenko to reveal the apocalyptic picture of the fight against crime in the Ulyanovsk Region.

It is obvious that, the region experiences rampant criminality and corruption, the scale of which exceeds the situation in the dashing 90s. The same organized criminal groupings (OCG) and criminal leaders keep the local business, area residents and even politicians at bay. Forgotten gangs with old names played out in fresh colours – Potapovskiye, Saplevskiye, Filatovskiye, Orlovskiye, Kuzinskiye, Center-Kamazovskiye…

What about the local cops? How do they react to never-ending series of bloody infightings, attacks on entrepreneurs and local deputies, to oppressions of the population by bandits and attempts of criminals to build a parallel shadow economy in the region?

The situation with personnel in the Regional Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Ulyanovsk Region can be characterized in one word – degradation. The tragedy, which happened the other day with participation of the police staff sergeant from department of protection and convoy of suspects and defendants of Department of Internal Affairs of Novospassky district of the area, Christina Belyakova, became deification of decomposition, permissiveness, disregard for the law in a regional police central board. This subordinate of the General Varchenko in a state of intoxication caused a deadly road accident: 28-year-old woman, mother of the 6-year-old child died on her fault. The most awful part is that after the accident, the culprit tried to escape from the scene, leaving the victim to die.

At the same time Belyakova's spouse, the Chief of police regional department, and her father, a former employee of bodies, made efforts for concealment of traces of the crime. Perhaps, they could have managed to cover up the traces but the story received a loud public response. And it is not the unique similar case, when the Ulyanovsk police officers instead of protecting the population from violators of the law, become criminals and murderers.

The region’s inhabitants still remember the tragedy with participation of the 38-year-old Chief of Department on servicing of department for economic safety and combatting corruption of the Regional Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Ulyanovsk, the Police Captain Andrey B. This Police Captain was responsible for the road accident, which took lives of five people including three children.

What can be said about the situation on Ulyanovsk roads, if the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate experiences the same corruption and arbitrary behavior? Scandal with capture of two inspectors of the traffic police convicted of a systematic racketing of bribes from drivers is still fresh in memory of Ulyanovsk’s residents. No wonder that the residents of the region are more afraid of the police than of bandits.

As the gloomy statistics shows, subordinates of general Varchenko not only press on fellow residents and extort money, but also beat and torture them. There was another scandalous story, when in one of the regional department two police officers were beating out recognitions from detainees with electric current. The Head of ecological chamber in the Ulyanovsk Region Aleksander Bragin blames the policemen in organization of his beating. Local operative, the police second lieutenant - 29-year-old Evgeny Kazantsev beat local resident in the head with a bottle. These are only those case of the police crimes, which became public thanks to unindifference and courage of citizens. We can only guess about the amount of crimes committed by the Ulyanovsk police officers and remained reliably covered by their colleagues and chiefs.

Underground business of colonel Osyanin

The fact that arbitrary behavior and corruption penetrated all vertical of the Regional Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Ulyanovsk Region up to the highest ranks can be confirmed by the recent juicy scandal with the deputy chief of regional department for protection of public order, the Colonel Eduard Osyanin.


Photo: the Deputy Chief of the Administration of the MIA the Colonel Osyanin

The case started with revelation in the territory of the region of underground empire on production and implementation of counterfeit alcohol, which was protected by police officers. Traces of badly smelling business gradually brought to an office of the Colonel Osyanin.

So far, the deputy chief of the regional administration is connected to the criminal case as a witness. But it seems that the Colonel will not be able to pass by and remain untouched – too many facts point to his participation in the alcoholic entity as a main shadow economy operator. It is significant that operation on defeat of illegal shops of counterfeited alcohol was performed by the staff of Federal Security Service. That tells about mistrust of police. And how is it possible to trust when “the right hand” of the general Varchenko was involved in criminal business!

Meanwhile, there may be tens of human lives on the heads of the corrupt policeman and his accomplices. Suffice it to recall the recent reports of the media on deaths from counterfeit alcohol in the Urals and Kuban, to where it could have been delivered from Ulyanovsk. In reports it is said that the victims got poisoned from Jack Daniel’s whisky, produced illegally. This alcohol was found in the Ulyanovsk warehouses among others. It is hard to doubt that the shadow economy operators, who pointed to the Colonel Osyanin as the godfather of the underground business, worked in a big way.


Photo: сitizens demand to punish the corrupt policeman

Thus, the FSB officers discovered 150 thousand bottles, tens of rolls of counterfeit excise stamps, cardboard boxes, traffic jams and labels with marking of the famous producers of alcoholic products, and also 100 000 liters of alcohol in the warehouse of the Osyanin’s illegal winery. It was also discovered that the business on counterfeit alcohol brought it its owners at least 40 million rubles of the monthly income. The underground empire, captured by the intelligence agencies, apparently, represented widely branched system managed by means of law-enforcement administrative resource. It can be confirmed by the fact that the Department for fighting against Economic crimes had already stopped activities of a huge warehouse of the alcoholic counterfeit which was located in the territory of the Veshkaymsky seed-growing station. However, after a while, both the warehouse, and the illegal winery worked regularly again.

It means that godfather with high shoulder straps settled this questions then and closed a subject. This time such maneuver will not serve as instead of the Department for fighting against Economic crimes, principled and incorruptible FSB officers operate. And this a hard nut to crack for Osyanin. Meanwhile, the fact that under the roof of the Ulyanovsk Regional Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs tons of homemade alcohol, which hocused inhabitants of a set of regions, were spread is capable to drown a remaining balance of reputation of the regional police. And at the same time, notably strike business and investment reputation of the whole region in general.

Two worlds, two Shapiro

It turns out that instead of fight against crime a part of the Ulyanovsk police officers and their chiefs is engaged in a deadly to Russian citizens commerce and other part enriches with all possible ways, neglecting service duties and forgetting about the law.

Sixth department, which was before engaged in development of organized crime, in the Administration of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Ulyanovsk Region is liquidated. It turns out that general Varchenko has a system approach to disorder law-enforcement service. As a result – the area appeared under a heel of various criminal communities, which feel freely here. The statistics of gangster attacks in the region really impresses.


Photo: the Head of the Administration of the MIA the General Varchenko

Unknown persons in broad daylight crushed the head of the Deputy of the Ulyanovsk City Council, party member of Edinaya Rossiya, Gennady Budarin. According to the experts, the attack is connected with professional activity of the parliamentarian, but the criminals have never been found. Bandits have brutally killed wife and mother of entrepreneur Lev Gasanov: the criminal gang demanded money from the businessman. This is a typical case for the modern Ulyanovsk Region. The long-distance truck drivers coming to this province tell that they are forced to pay local bandits for protection. It is impossible to wait for help from the police. In case of refusal to fulfill requirements of the criminals, the drivers are being cruelly beaten to mutilations. And it is still not a complete picture of a criminal lawlessness – gambling business continues to blossom in Ulyanovsk, sales of drugs grow, almost daily there are cars are being set on fire. Everybody knows that burning cars - result of activities of the organized criminal groupings protecting autoparkings, but no criminal case has ever been brought.

It is clear, that two parallel worlds and two parallel economies, in one of which the authorities of the province try to build investment attractive region, and in another criminal groupings and the uncontrolled law enforcement authorities of the general Varchenko, can not long coexist in the same area. The problem of the dark world pulling down the Ulyanovsk Region needs to be solved without delay and in a surgical way. Otherwise the white half of the Ulyanovsk province will greatly tarnish in the eyes of those investors, who still have confidence in regional business projects.

But if the criminal crews, which flew into a rage from permissiveness, begin to terrorize foreign investors tomorrow, following local entrepreneurs and deputies, and the decayed police will keep silent, then efforts of local authorities on creation of favorable investment climate will be ruined. Then the Ulyanovsk province will remain without growth and development, with the fear, which stiffened on the citizens’ faces. And with Osyanin’s, Belyakoviye, Filatovskiye, Orlovskiye, Kuzinskiye and others, who alas still impose the criminal agenda to the region.



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