Criminal gang paid Moscow rogue cops 300 thousand rubles for kidnapping

Criminal gang paid Moscow rogue cops 300 thousand rubles for kidnapping

The MID ICR in Moscow reported the details of a sensational case of law enforcement officers' cooperation with the representatives of the criminal world.⁠

It became known the names of kidnapping's customers, as well as rogue cops, who serve underworld, not the law. According to the MID ICR in Moscow, the criminal group is consisted of Surakat Labazanov, Magomed Nalgiev, Zaur Ibragimov and Ruslan Makarov. Identities of police officers who kidnapped the man are disclosed. They are MIA officers in the North Chertanovo district – Police Deputy Chief for operations Andrey Makarenko, CID operative Denis Fomin and Dmitry Tribrat.

Bandits involved police officers in their criminal activity for the theft of more than 26 million rubles from their male friend. According to the order of OCG members, law enforcement officers detained a citizen and took him to the police department. Operative Fomin, fulfilling an agreement, told accomplices about man's passing out from the department building. However, members of the gang waiting for the victim on the street could not catch him - he was able to escape by a car.

Gang members have paid werewolves in epaulets 300 thousand rubles for their help in an abduction.

Note that at this time investigators are conducting searches at the place of residence and work of three policemen.

Depending on the role of each, law enforcement officers and gang members are suspected of commitment the attempted abduction of a person, giving and taking bribes and abuse of authority.



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