Criminal case on fixed match initiated in Russia for the first time

Criminal case on fixed match initiated in Russia for the first time
Khazret Dyshekov

Investigators searched the office of the owner of the Chaika football club.

The police opened a criminal case on a fixed match (parts 1, 3 of Art. 184 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) between the football teams Chaika and Chernomorets at the stadium in the village of Peschanokopskoye, according to the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Irina Volk. Investigators conducted more than 20 searches at the offices of the football clubs, including the owner of FC Chaika Andrei Chaika, reports Bloknot. The ICR summoned the former head coach of FC Chernomorets, Khazret Dyshekov, to Moscow for interrogation, said RBC.

Two more Chornomorets players were summoned to the capital and the contracts with them were terminated by decision of the Control and Disciplinary Committee of the Russian Football Union (RFU). Dyshekov has not been working in the club since June. The police said that some of Chernomorets members would be summoned to the investigative department of the Russian Interior Ministry.

As part of the investigation, searches were conducted in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Adler and Novorossiysk.

The controversial match was held on May 13. Director General of the Krasnodar FC Urozhay, Dmitry Gradilenko, accused Chaika and Chernomorets of conspiracy. The RFU conducted an investigation, following which it suspended Ivan Yudin, Anatoly Pulyaev and Stanislav Reznikov from Chernomorets for three years, and Gradilenko and Dyshekov for a year.

According to the RFU, Gradilenko offered Chornomorets 500 thousand rubles for the victory over Chaika, however, the game ended with the score 3-1 in favor of Chaika. The team won first place at the 27th round of the Yug Football Professional League. According to Bloknot, bets for a total of 60 million rubles were made on one of Chaika’s matches, they played and the payments amounted to more than 350 million rubles.



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