Criminal case initiated upon disclosure of Chechen SWAT’s reposition in Syria  

Criminal case initiated upon disclosure of Chechen SWAT’s reposition in Syria
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After the publication of the video, on which allegedly depicted the dispatch of troops from Chechnya to Syria, several people were detained, but their charges were not specified.

After the statement "Chechen special forces reposition in Syria” a criminal case was initiated. Rosbalt quoted a source familiar with the situation. According to another source, five people, including one officer, were detained upon a criminal case. In the course of the pre-investigation examination it was found that commanders failed to carry out the appropriate explanatory work among staff, as a result the military started filming on the phone's camera, and then posted on social networks.

"So, military’s lives were endangered, the information on the Defence Ministry unit’s dispatch was published. Upon this the criminal case was initiated,"- said the source not specifying under which article the case was opened.

Recall that in social networks it is published the video, on which it is supposedly depicted the dispatch of troops from Chechnya to Syria. The media report that on the video there are military battalions East, West and Chechen Special Forces. Later, Ramzan Kadyrov denies this information. According to him, in Chechnya, there are no special battalions East and West and the information about the Chechen Special Forces’ dispatch in Syria is not true. However, the Head of Chechnya says that the Russian Defense Ministry troops do not take part in a ground operation, they only guard airbase. At the same time, Kadyrov says that if Chechen military are ordered to be on duty for the protection of the airbase in Syria, "they will drop the happiest lot."

Note that in 2014, commenting on the elimination of Syrian warlord Ruslan Machalikashvili aka Saifullah, Kadyrov said, "Kadyrov's Special Forces can be on every piece of land, which is ready to explode under the feet of devils, no matter where they are". He has refuted many times that hundreds of Chechnya’s natives are fighting in Syria.

Video: Chechen Special Forces’ dispatch



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