Criminal case initiated over knocking down policeman against son of ex-Senator 

Criminal case initiated over knocking down policeman against son of ex-Senator
Timur Gallyamov Photo: Social Networks

Timur Gallyamov was on the hook of the traffic police.

A criminal case was filed against the son of former Senator of the Federation Council from the Amur region Amir Gallyamov, Timur Gallyamov, about “the use of violence against a representative of the authorities.” He is detained and interrogated by investigators.

Earlier we said that the police detained the son of the former Minister of Sports of the Moscow region and former Senator Council of Federation Amir Gallyamov after deliberately hitting the traffic police inspector in Moscow.

Police stopped the Timur Gallyamov's Land Cruiser for checking documents. After that, the son of the Senator decided to hide from the inspectors. The Traffic Police pursued the offender. In the area of Mosfilmovskaya Street, the inspector ran to the SUV, at which point Gallyamov deliberately knocked down the policeman and tried to escape. However, he did not manage to go far. Witnesses noted his poor behavior.

“Employees made an attempt to detain him, but he abruptly turned the steering wheel to the right and hit a Traffic Police inspector, after which he tried to escape. The crew of the traffic police immediately pursued this car, as a result of which the foreign car was stopped, and its driver was detained and taken to the police for further investigation,” said Interior Ministry spokeswoman Irina Volk.

It is known that Timur Gallyamov and earlier fell on speeding. As it was found out, the driver commented on his behavior as follows: “I used cocaine, but when the inspectors stopped, I got scared and decided to hide.” The traffic police officer, 40-year-old Mikhail Lapshin, is now in the hospital. He has a broken leg.

The driver of the SUV is detained.



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