Criminal case initiated against founder of the largest online retailer

Criminal case initiated against founder of the largest online retailer
Aleksey Nikitin Photo: Delovoy Peterburg

Founder of Ulmart Aleksey Nikitin and also ex-CEO of the company Aleksey Fedorinov came into the view of Investigators.

The criminal case over failure to pay taxes was initiated against founder of Ulmart Aleksey Nikitin and former top manager of the company Aleksey Fedorinov, RBC with reference to the main shareholder of the online retailer Dmitry Kosygin reports.

According to him, the case was initiated after the complaint of the Federal Tax Service in December, 2016, and just a week ago employees of the Investigative Committee of Russia carried out searches at the old and the new office of Ulmart, and also at one of the former staff of the company.

It is noted that Nikitin and Fedorinov founded Ulmart together in 2008. Nikitin was the only owner of the company up to 2010 when 50% of an online platform were purchased by Mikhail Vasinkevich. In the spring of 2016 Nikitin left the list of shareholders, selling the package to Vasinkevich, Aleksey Fedorinov then left the CEO's post.

According to information of the edition, Federal Tax Service had claims to the company for 260 million rubles during 2012-2013, Ulmart paid everything, however it appealed to court with the requirement to lower claims tax. As a result, the judge supported the retailer - the sum was reduced twice - to 130 million rubles ($2.3m).

According to Kostygin, the criminal cases were initiated before the company challenged claims of Federal Tax Service in court. He assumes that the "criminal cases are warmed up" by efforts of staff of Sberbank - he main creditor bank of Ulmart. (the general debt of Ulmart to Sberbank and its structures makes 2.4 billion rubles, and it the retailer has serious problems with its service). Sberbank as the organization is interested in payment of the credit, Kostygin says, but liquidation of Ulmart is more favorable to certain employees, he considers.



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