Crimean news outlet posts shocking footage with Kerch shooter accomplice - and deletes it 

Crimean news outlet posts shocking footage with Kerch shooter accomplice - and deletes it

The footage shows a young man bearing resemblance to Vladislav Roslyakov, with a big bag and a backpack, entering the college through the emergency entrance that has no metal detectors or receptionist.

Vesti.Krym, the Crimean branch of the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, published a CCTV video from the Kerch Polytechnic College on October 21. The footage shows Vladislav Roslyakov, the student responsible for the explosion and shooting that killed 20 on October 17. A few hours later, the video disappeared from the sites of Vesti, and Vesti.Krym, as well as from their official YouTube channel; however, it had already been reposted enough times to cause an outcry.

There is still a small report on that says that Roslyakov could have had an accomplice, judging by the CCTV footage, but the video is no longer there.

The report states that Roslyakov had had several conversations with a certain young man just before the tragedy: they said hi to each other and walked along the hall together for a while.

 “It’s not clear yet whether it was just a chance meeting, or he is an accomplice. We’ll see that person again, in another clip,” the presenter says. The young man is seen nearby when Roslyakov is allegedly preparing the bomb that is in his backpack.

Roslyakov meets the kid on the second floor after a while.

In the next clip, he is seen already without the bag; he places his backpack on a table in the hall and does something with its content. Then he goes downstairs, sits down on a bench near the cafeteria and waits; then gets up, looks in his phone, enters the cafeteria and leaves it without the backpack almost immediately.

Then Roslyakov goes upstairs, and this is when the explosion is heard. The video shows that the explosion broke the doors. Then Roslyakov is seen on the second floor walking towards a woman. After a moment, she is seen lying on the floor. In the hall, the murderer meets a student, shoots him, the boy tries to escape, but the next shot knocks him to the floor. Roslyakov finishes the victim with another shot as he goes by.

Already on the first floor, Roslyakov reloads the gun. One can see the handle of a knife sticking from his boot. He goes upstairs again, tries the door of one of the rooms, then goes back downstairs and starts indiscriminately shooting at windows, computers, and fire extinguisher.

Vladislav Roslyakov, a student of the Kerch Polytechnic College, opened fire and detonated an explosive in the building on October 17. The attack killed 20 people; the perpetrator committed suicide in the library. About 50 people were hospitalized. The criminal case was initiated under the article pertaining to terrorism but the incident is now treated as mass murder.

On October 19, a farewell ceremony was held on the main square of Kerch; people said their goodbyes to 17 victims of the explosion and shooting at the polytechnic college. Emergency Ministry employees carried the coffins accompanied by the victims’ family members. The other bodies will be interred in their homeland, outside of the peninsula. 16 people were buried in the Kerch cemetery and one body was brought to the Leninsky district. According to the city administration, about 33.000 people came to bid farewell.

Meanwhile, 25 people are still undergoing treatment in Crimean hospitals, another 25 injured individuals have been placed in medical institutions of Moscow and the Krasnodar region. Interfax reported citing Crimea’s Ministry of Health that the victims keep coming to the Crimean hospitals. Recently, three more people have asked for help.

The hospitals, such as Simferopol Clinical Emergency Hospital number 6, also keep discharging the victims, referring them to outpatient treatment.

According to TASS, twenty people affected by the tragedy were given half a million rubles each. 73 people were injured in the explosion and shooting incident, about 50 of them were hospitalized. Earlier, Crimea’s head Sergey Aksyonov said that the families of those who were killed will each get a million rubles and the payments to the injured will amount to 500 thousand rubles.



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