Crimean Ministers ask Moscow to blow up budget for school security

Crimean Ministers ask Moscow to blow up budget for school security
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Educational institutions will be equipped with the alarm button; the Rosgvardiya will replace desk clerks.

The authorities of the Republic of Crimea have requested to increase the amount of state funds allocated for safety in educational institutions. The Rosgvardiya will replace desk clerks, and each such building will be equipped with alarm buttons. The half of educational institutions has already had such buttons, including the Kerch Polytechnic College, TASS reports.

“We have covered many issues on anti-terrorism security. Yes, [we ask] not just to increase [allocations], we have a ‘roadmap’ for bringing all educational institutions to the standards required,” the news agency quotes Minister of Education of Crimea Natalia Goncharova.

The territory of the college where the explosion took place is still cordoned off by the Rosgvardiya, but the principal plans to resume the educational process on Monday. Deputies of the State Council of Crimea called for the establishment of a maximum safety standard for educational institutions in the republic.

Recall the afternoon of October 17, Kerch Polytechnic College student Vladislav Roslyakov arranged a shooting and then blew up a homemade device in the dining room. After that, the young man committed suicide. As a result, 21 people died, about 50 got injured.



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