Crimean Columbine

Crimean Columbine

The attack on a college in Crimea is a consequence of the growth of aggression in society, and it is impossible to prevent such tragedies, experts say.

In the middle of the day, a massacre occurred at a polytechnic college in the resort town of Kerch. According to investigators, the attacker is a student of the same educational institution, 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov. He exploded the bomb and opened fire with a rifle - 19 people died, several dozens were injured.

At about 11:40 am a young man with two backpacks entered the building after the start of lessons. He had a gun and improvised explosive devices. The young man climbed to the second floor and began shooting at everyone he saw, both at the students and the teachers.

The students panicked and began to jump out of the windows; the doorman pressed the alarm button. The killer reloaded his gun, continued the chaotic shooting, and exploded the bomb. All this happened within five minutes.

By that time, ambulances, firefighters, policemen, and other security forces had arrived at the college. There were not enough stretchers, and the victims were carried out of the building on the doors. At first, versions of the explosion of gas hit the media, but then it became known that the college canteen was cooking on electric stoves.

The director of the college at the time of the incident was not in the building - she left for the signing of a contract. Eyewitnesses recorded as she drove up to the school and told someone by phone that terrorists, who had shot students with machine guns, had penetrated the building.

Two hours later, at 2:17 pm, the Investigation Committee announced the initiation of a criminal case under Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Terrorist Act). "According to preliminary data, today an unidentified bomb filled with metal objects exploded in the canteen of the Kerch Polytechnic College," the report said.

The killings ended when the offender entered the library and committed suicide.

Only at 3:23 pm, the ICR clarified that the killer was a 4th-year college student, 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov.

An initial inspection of the bodies indicates that gunshot wounds caused the death. Investigators believe that the explosion of an improvised explosive device did not kill anyone - all people were shot dead. The criminal case was reclassified to part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Murder of two or more persons in a generally dangerous manner). Motives are not explained.

The massacre in Kerch is an unprecedented matter for the Crimea, Vladimir Dzharalla, the deputy director of the Center for the Study of Security and Cooperation in the Black Sea region, says. As the expert told the Rosbalt correspondent, it can be concluded that the attack on the college was planned by a lone criminal. “This has never happened in the Crimea. In any case, I can not remember anything like that. There were criminal offenses at the time of gang warfare,” Vladimir Dzharalla stated.

The expert noted that even friends and fellow students of the alleged perpetrator did not feel any danger. “This crime belongs to the category of those that we are not able to predict. A guy who beams nowhere, who has something different in his head, he knows how to do something with his hands. Even comrades did not take his passion for weapons seriously. There is nothing reprehensible in acquiring weapons: many people have their trunks, and the vast majority of them are law-abiding. Unfortunately, such a crime cannot be prevented understanding its motives,” Vladimir Dzharalla explained.

Tragedies like the one that happened in Kerch took place because adolescents grow up in aggression against other people, says Ph.D., associate professor at HSE Irina Pisarenko. The limits of admissibility of aggression only grow.

“I constantly remind that we do not have tabooing aggression, there is no concept of the inviolability of someone else’s life, personality, territory, etc. Therefore, children grow up in a situation where they can show aggression without consequences. And when they grow in the situation of the permissibility of violating foreign borders, they violate these borders. It keeps getting worse. People have the idea that if you feel bad, if you have been harmed, then you can resolve the conflict in this way. Such people have no setbacks,” said Irina Pisarenko.

The attack on the Kerch College, as soon as it became known about the identity of the alleged perpetrator, was compared with a well-known story - the massacre of students of the American school Columbine in the state of Colorado. Meanwhile, similar stories have already happened in Russian educational institutions.

On the morning of January 15, 2018, two teenagers entered the school in Perm and massacred in the fourth grade. The teacher and more than ten children were injured. The attackers inflicted wounds on themselves. According to one version, they wanted to commit suicide.

On September 5, 2017, a student of the 9th grade arranged shooting from a pneumatic weapon in a school near Ivanteevka near Moscow. A teacher was wounded. Students who also jumped out of the class windows to escape got hurt.

However, not everyone believes in the version of the lonely maniac. There are suspicions that the authorities may hide something.

Probably people should wait for the results of the investigation. One thing can be said now: our society is faced with a new phenomenon, the roots, and consequences of which require the study. Today we were not ready for it.



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