Crimean authorities accuse Tatyana Navka's company of appropriating land on Black Sea coast

Crimean authorities accuse Tatyana Navka's company of appropriating land on Black Sea coast

The producer of sea salt arbitrarily took 4.5 hectares of land near Evpatoria.

The State Committee for State Registration and Cadastre of the Republic of Crimea has convicted the production cooperative Galit of illegal use of land on the Black Sea coast. Open Media found the information about this in a single registry of inspections of the Prosecutor General. Since November 2018, the co-owner of the cooperative is the world champion in figure skating and the wife of presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, Tatyana Navka.

The cooperative is engaged in the extraction of sea salt, including the pink one, on the Sasyk Lake near Yevpatoria. At the end of September, the Goskomregister of Crimea conducted an unscheduled check of the use of two land plots with an area of ​​0.97 and 3.56 hectares near the village of Pribrezhnoye, as it follows from the documents on the registry website.

The check established that Galit uses the land “location of a capital construction in progress, dumps and railroad tracks (narrow gauge rail),” as well as for salt mining activities. The cooperative does not have any rights to this land, as indicated in the document following the results of the audit. Galit is obliged to eliminate the violation – either by freeing the land, or by registering the rights to use it – until January 27, 2019. The cooperative was fined 105,000 rubles ($ 1650) in accordance with Article 7.1. Administrative Code of the Russian Federation – unauthorized occupation of a land plot. 

Galita’s Executive Director Sergey Khrapilin refused to discuss on the situation with the Open Media.

Tatyana Navka became the owner of 16.67% of the company in November 2018, The Bell reported, referring to SPARK database. Later, Navka confirmed to RBC that she owns a stake in the cooperative. Other co-owners of the enterprise are Olga Beloborodova, Yuri Volkov, Anna Volkova, Oksana Lysenko, Sergey Khomyak. They own shares of approximately 16.67%. 

In September 2016, the government included table salt in the list of goods subject to the food embargo, the import of which into the territory of Russia is prohibited from the EU, USA, Ukraine and some other states. A little earlier, from July 25, 2016, the eldest son of the Prosecutor General, Artem Chaika, officially became the owner of the second-largest Russian salt producer, Tyretsky Salt Mine.

Shortly before the deal with Navka, the company received a large contract from the State Unitary Enterprise Krymavtodor for the supply of technical salts, the Telegram channel Toad and Viper write. The contract price amounted to 21.6 million rubles ($ 340,000).

In the spring of 2019, after publishing information on the property and income of the Kremlin officials, Navka turned out to be the richest of the spouses of the Kremlin officials: in 2018, she earned 218.9 million rubles ($ 3.5 million), while her husband earned 17 times less – 12.79 million rubles ($ 200,000). The year before, she declared 200.4 million rubles ($ 3 million) in revenue.

In April 2019, Open Media discovered that the Peskovs got rid of their overseas property. From the official’s declaration for 2017 it followed that Navka had an apartment in the USA with an area of ​​126 square meters, and in the declaration of 2018, Dmitry Peskov’s wife no longer had any foreign real estate. The apartment with an area of ​​180 square meters in France which was previously in use by one of Peskov’s sons has not been declared. The rest of the family property indicated in the 2018 declaration is located in Russia.



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