Crimea: well-known lawyer’s son murders businessman from Seprukhov

Crimea: well-known lawyer’s son murders businessman from Seprukhov

Aleksander Podsidkov waved at a woman at the wheel of BMW. The woman’s husband jumped out of the car and beat Podsidkov to death.

The Moscow region businessman Aleksander Podsidkov has been killed in Crimea for having waved at a strange woman, reports OKA.FM. The entrepreneur was beaten to death by the stranger’s husband.

The incident took place on the night of July 6. The 46-year-old owner of a pharmacological enterprise located in the Moscow region’s Seprukhov vacationed with his family in a settlement of Partenit near Alushta. In the evening, he sent his daughter and spouse to bed. He and his friend remained at the waterfront.

At about 12:30 am, while passing by a recreational compound Ayvazovsky, Podsidkov saw a BMW car. Podsidkov was the German auto group’s admirer and waved at a woman at the wheel of the car.

The vehicle stopped. A man jumped out of it and attacked Podsidkov, screaming: “How do you know my wife?” The man hit the businessman in the head. As a result, Podsidkov lost consciousness and fell to the ground. After the falling, the attacker continued jumping on Podsidkov’s chest.

The businessman’s friend started shouting for help, however there was no one nearby at the time owing to the late hour. Paramedics arrived at the scene and declared Podsidkov dead. He died of head and brain injuries. The man’s funeral will be held in the Moscow region’s Domodedovo.

The suspect of murder of the businessman was detained. He is Ridvan Tatarov, a son of a well-known lawyer in Crimea. In 2016, Simferopol’s Kievsky district court found him guilty of drunk driving.

Aleksander Podsidkov was well known in Seprukhov - primarily as a philanthropist. He kept it low key, but it is known that he had helped a lot in implementation of various projects of the settlement and district’s administration. He worked with the youth, always allocated money for tailoring of a Cossack uniform for boys from less well-off homes, backed the guys who dealt with street art graffiti. The news on murder of Podsidkov is being actively discussed in Obolensk, Serpukhov and Protvino. It came as quite a shock to the Southern Moscow region.



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