Crimea: Drunken police officer killed cyclist by car

Crimea: Drunken police officer killed cyclist by car
Aleksey and Viktoria Marchenko

The woman responsible for the accident will face dismissal and criminal liability for the violation of traffic rules, which caused death by negligence.

In Crimea, a police officer has killed a cyclist by car. The accident took place on March 7 on the road Azovskoe - Nizhnegorsky. While driving a Lifan, a 28-year-old police officer under the influence of alcohol Viktoria Marchenko exceeded the speed limit and crashed into an 18-year-old bicyclist Diana Basirova, who was moving in the same direction along the edge of the road. According to Life, the car dragged the victim’s body for about 50 meters. The girl died on the spot from her injuries.

The ICR Main Investigations Directorate’s Belogorsk Interdistrict Investigative Committee for Crimea has initiated a criminal case under part 4 of Art. 264 of the Russian Criminal Code (Violation of traffic rules and rules for operation of transport vehicles committed by a person who is in a state of drunkenness, which action has, by negligence, entailed a human death). The police are currently holding a service check, by the results of which the officer may be fired, and her superiors may face a disciplinary responsibility.

As it became known, Viktoria Marchenko had worked in the Nizhnegorsky Department of Internal Affairs since 2010. Her husband Aleksey Marchenko is also a police officer; he is a traffic police officer and an inspector for the enforcement of administrative legislation.

The name of Inquiry Officer Viktoria Marchenko frequently appears in the materials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; as an exemplary policeman, she often took part in departmental events. In late 2016, she represented her police department in air rifle shooting competition.



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