Crime lords to get part of Iosif Kobzon’s inheritance? His widow to leave Russia 

Crime lords to get part of Iosif Kobzon’s inheritance? His widow to leave Russia
Vadik Khdo, Kobzon

Some sources say Nelly Kobzon will have to give part of the inheritance of the People's Artist to the crime lords who had sponsored him.

After his death, People's Artist of Russia and State Duma deputy Iosif Kobzon left many debts, VistaNews reports. The late singer owed to the crime lords who had provided him with a protection since Soviet times. It is noteworthy that that artist did not hide his connections in the criminal underworld. Pictures showing him in the company of vors have long been roaming the Internet. 

Now, his widow Nelly Kobzon is getting threats, the publication says. If she does not give up part of the inheritance to her husband’s sponsors, they promise to get even with her.

Kobzon borrowed money for expensive treatment. The singer had fought cancer for 13 years and regularly visited Europe for medical treatment. After the introduction of sanctions, the State Duma deputy started to invite German doctors to visit him at home. The publication does not specify the amounts, however, according to rough estimates, it concerns about billions of rubles. 

Kobzon, Tayvanchik, and Kalina

Kobzon, Tayvanchik, and Kalina

Nevertheless, he used the money of organized-crime world representatives not only for treatment but also to improve his rating. 

Some sources say the singer’s widow has agreed to give up part of the inheritance, and after that, she plans to go abroad, as did Kobzon’s children.



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